Learning to Team Build with the Starting Characters

"The Perfect Party?"


Overview / TLDR

In  Priconne, parties consist of five characters who each have their own unique skillset. Characters fall into many roles, with five primary roles being the "Tank, Damage (DPS), Support, Healer, and Enabler." A successful party will always incorporate these five roles in some capacity. The starter characters actually represent these five roles, Pecorine (Tank/self-Support), Kokkoro (Support/self-Healer), Karyl (Damage), and Yui (Healer/Support/sub-Damage). This allows any character to be used with the core four to form a functional party. However, once players encounter difficult content, they will need to revamp their party. Some choices of fresh recruits are listed at the end.

Party Building TLDR

In Priconne, parties consist of five characters that each offer a unique skillset and utility to the party. Characters position themselves in one of three primary areas: the Back, Mid, and Front. From these positions, the characters will fall into several “roles,” which determine what they will contribute to a party. For the sake of simplicity, this article will cover these five major roles due to their importance.

  1. Tanks. Tanks are characters, typically positioned in the front, whose job is to take damage that may otherwise threaten other more fragile party members. These characters boast high physical and magic defense stats; can sometimes self-recover their HP; and some can even taunt enemies that may otherwise attack the Mid and Back positions.

  2. Damage-Per-Second (DPS). DPS characters are characters who deal the majority of damage to enemies in battle. They may deal either physical or magic damage and this damage may come from their Union Burst, Skills, attacks, or a combination. Their role is to move the battle forward by defeating the enemies within Priconne’s 1.5-minute battle timer, as when time is exhausted the battle will result in defeat.

  3. Supports. Support characters add a unique utility to the overall party, such as TP generation (allowing Union Bursts to be used more often), Barriers (negating damage entirely), or buffs (increasing the combat stats of other characters). These characters allow other characters to be more efficient. Many characters will usually have one Support skill as a part of their overall kit.

  4. Healers. Most games consider Healers a type of Support, but in Priconne, healers are important enough to warrant their own role designation. Healers restore the HP of their party members, allowing characters to fight for longer. Many players consider them necessary in some story content for full success (e.g. 3-Star Clears or the Very Hard Dungeon).

  5. Enablers. Enablers are characters who bring great success to certain parties but may come across as lackluster in others. Parties use these characters in certain PvP strategies or specific story content. While these characters are similar to supports, they are classified separately because they may not be as general as more Support-oriented characters.

While there are many other roles characters can be grouped under in Priconne, these five roles are crucial for every player to know how to build around.


Pecorine, Kokkoro, Karyl, Yui, and YOU

After players complete the tutorial, they will receive 4 starter characters. These characters actually represent all five aforementioned key roles. From a gameplay perspective, these specific characters allow the player’s 3* initial roll to create a fully functional party no matter which 3* was pulled. However, as players progress through the Main Story Quest, they will eventually run into a situation where this initial party will no longer be able to easily succeed (usually around Map 4 or 5). By this point, most players have pulled a few times on the Gacha to add more characters to their roster. However, before we get to using new characters, let’s quickly review the four starters and what makes them strong and weak.

  • Pecorine is a Tank with additional self-Support skills, which allow her to recover her own HP and increase her defenses. She possesses good defense against both physical and magic damage while offering a small amount of Damage. She struggles once her self-recovery and defense can no longer soak all the damage from the enemy as a sole Front character. Additionally, parties also struggle once enemies attack other positions, as Pecorine cannot Taunt enemies to intercept enemy attacks.

  • Kokkoro is a Support/Enabler who can both increase the attack of the party as well as increase their speed, allowing the party to use their skills more often. She also has additional Damage and can self-recover her own HP when using her Union Burst, allowing her to take a decent amount of damage from the Mid position (sub-Tank). She begins to struggle when enemies start to target the Mid specifically, as her Union Burst-dependent healing is not reliable when Kokkoro is taking consistent damage.

  • Karyl is a DPS/Damage character who deals heavy magic damage to all enemies. Positioned safely in the Back, she also provides a bit of Support by reducing the enemies defenses with her Skills.

  • Yui is a Healer and Support who also provides a surprising amount of damage as her level increases. With enough progression, Yui will also be one of the best Healers in the game. Her healing help allies progress through content that may otherwise cause the party to completely fall.

With this in mind, almost any other character can be partied with the four starters to bring the party together. Common reroll targets (e.g. not Makoto who is pulled specifically for Clan Battles) such as Nozomi or Maho will help the party survive longer. Damage-oriented characters like Ninon or Djeeta will help clear content faster by defeating enemies faster. Characters like Saren can help Enable the party by generating TP for her nearest ally, allowing them to use their Union Burst more often.


Moving On, Who Goes Where?

Assuming a starting party consisting of Pecorine, Kokkoro, Karyl, Yui, and any 3* character, the following guidelines should help when players encounter a particular hurdle. As players switch around their characters, these guidelines will still ring true.

If the battle fails because enemies break through the Front and defeat characters from Front to Back, maybe the Front needs more Tankiness or the party requires more Support to last longer.

  • Miyako is an excellent physical Tank with additional self-HP recovery and a Stalling skill (negates damage for a few seconds). However, she has terrible magic defense. Add her to your party when the Front takes the majority of damage and the damage is physical.

  • Lima is a great physical and magic Tank who can increase her own defensive stats with her Skills. Her ability to enter battle late can help in instances where the Front needs help with tanking damage after an initial battle’s wave begins.

  • Nozomi is another great Front Tank who can also recover her allies’ HP. She also has a Provoke, which allows her to intercept damage from enemies that may otherwise target other characters.

If the battle fails due to non-Front characters being defeated quickly, it means enemies are targeting them and the party will needs assistance with either intercepting those long-ranged attacks or by increasing their overall defensive tools.

  • Yukari provides both HP and TP recovery, aiding allies in both keeping them alive and allowing them to use their Union Bursts more often. She also can negate magic damage with her Barrier, which can nullify some magic threats.

  • Chika is a great Healer who can also increase ally’s physical attack (both directly and through Shred) and can Summon a spirit who will assist the Front with Tanking damage.

  • Kuka and the aforementioned Nozomi are both Front characters that can Provoke enemies allowing them to intercept attacks that target other positions. Kuka also has a significant self-HP recovery that can help her Tank more damage.

If the battle fails due to a timeout, but all the characters survive, then it means the party simply cannot do enough damage. Be sure to check what enemies you are facing, as some enemies may simply resist a particular type of damage. Here are some characters that can add some more firepower to the party.

  • Rei is a great Front character who can target enemies starting from the Front one-by-one. This can help by both increasing a party’s damage and also defeating single enemies quicker, reducing the overall damage a party may take.

  • Shiori is another DPS who targets the Front-most enemy. Unlike Rei, Shiori also self-regenerates her own TP, allowing her to use her very powerful Union Burst more often.

  • Hatsune is a strong magic DPS who, similar to Karyl, targets both single and all enemies with her skills. Hatsune is unique in that she can also Stun the biggest physical damage threat (reducing overall damage taken).