Winning at PvP with Crowd-Sourced Teams!

Beating PvP with the power of the community!



If you are like me, you may need some assistance with drafting a party as you battle in the Battle Arena and Princess Arena. Many times, I have taken a decent amount of time, looked at the opponent's Defense Team, and tried to pick a counter for every character only to get smashed into the dirt in literal seconds because their Hatsune and Tamaki apparently had a vendetta against my party. Advancing in PvP, especially as Crunchyroll adds more characters into the game, is definitely an area where players may want some additional help.

Which brings us to the Princess Connect Re:Dive Fan Club's Arena tool. A web-based, crowd-sourced, and community-driven tool to help players determine which teams are the best at countering specific Defense Teams. By entering in the opposing team's characters, you can see which teams other users have successfully used and help draft a team that actually has a chance at winning.

Users (after creating an account) can upload, vote, and comment on any particular matchup. This information will ultimately allow teams that actually work to rise to the top of the standings while typically weeding out any one-offs or misinformation. The PCDRFC's Arena tool is a great way for players who are struggling or just want an easy-peasy approach to Arena drafting to find success in PvP!

*Disclaimer: I have no ties to this tool or website; I've just used it for a few weeks and found it to be helpful.

How to Use the Tool

Usage of the tool is straightforward and it might be more intuitive to try out directly than text instructions.

  1. Access the tool at

  2. Select "Global" from the server list (All/Global/CN/TW/JP). This will reduce the characters available from everyone to just the ones available in Global.

  3. Sorted by position, select at least one character on the opposing Defense Team. I find most success with putting in 4 of the 5 enemy characters. If you are in the early ranks of Princess Arena, you can select Teams 2 and 3 as well.

  4. Pick your Sort method, I usually stick with the default but finding the newest submissions may help with newly added characters or characters that recently had an event (e.g. Hatsune's event significantly affected her 3* and 4* appearance in Arena). 

  5. Click "Search," and if a result was found, it will appear below alongside any other submissions.

  6. Before blindly copying any team you see, check the vote count. Sometimes players may submit a party that just won due to luck or are poorly drafted and these parties should be avoided.

  7. If you want, create an account and add your own submissions, votes, and comments to help increase the overall knowledge pool!


Actually Learning about PvP

While this tool is great, players should at least try to learn how to draft a PvP eventually, someday. Be sure to take a look at how the submitted parties should work and determine if you can improve them based on your own personally roster of characters. Learning why a particular character is used can help players understand which substitutes they can make as they field three parties in Princess Arena. 

Then, once they have gotten a handle on team drafting, maybe they can contribute back to the tool with their own unique submissions to help other players!


Other Tools from PCRDFC

The Fan Club site appears to have some other tools tailored for PvP and Clan Battle, including a Defense Team generator, appearance rates for characters, something involving the attack range, and Clan Battle "timeline" simulators. These tools from a glance do not appear as tailored for Global as the Arena tool, but might be worth revisiting in a future write-up.