Your First 10 Farming Goals

"Gotta Recruit 'em All"



As players progress throughout the game they'll unlock certain game modes (Dungeon, Battle Arena, and Princess Arena) and certain Hard Mode Maps that drop Character Memory Shards. With enough of these Shards, players can recruit a character without having to be lucky at the Gacha.

However, Stamina is limited and Coin rewards, especially early on, can only buy a few Shards per day. Therefore, players will have to make a decision on which characters they want to recruit first! This guide will help share some insight into 10 characters you may want to recruit ASAP.

Recruiting Targets

Hard Mode Farming: requires progression throughout the Main Story Quest and having a small amount of progression to ensure a successful quest clear.

  • Pecorine's 2* Ascension. Pecorine's first ascension greatly boosts her innate tankiness and allows her to tackle currently difficult content like Maps 7 and 8, whereas keeping her at 1* will cause her to struggle against most enemies. As a character that has multiple Hard Mode maps to farm for Shards, there's no reason to not at least bring Pecorine to 2*.

  • Yui's 2* Ascension. Yui's second (and third ascension for that matter) greatly improve her healing capabilities and, after unlocking her EX Skill, actually turn her into a formiable magid damage threat. An ascended and properly leveled/equipped Yui is actually a core party member involving a strategy to defeat the Very Hard Dungeon's boss at an early level (e.g. 50-60).

  • Saren (3* Initial Recruitment). Saren is an excellent TP regenerator that can fit into many different party configurations. As her Hard Mode Map is unlocked relatively early (2-3), Saren is a great target to farm Shards and obtain some early equipment pieces.

Dungeon Coin Shop: requires farming at least 800 Dungeon Coins a day, which is achievable after being able to full clear the Hard Dungeon or even earlier when using the Daily Jewel Pass 2x Dungeon Drop bonus.

  • Yukari (1* Initial Recruitment and 2* Ascensions). Yukari is an excellent general support character that can restore HP, generate TP, and can nullify a decent amount of magic damage. Unfortunately at 1* Yukari falls in battle pretty quickly to any threat that targets the Mid position. Getting her to at least 2* will provide her with a decent stat boost. Farming her to 3* is also not a bad idea if you don't need to recruit Nozomi or Maho.

  • Nozomi (3* Initial Recruitment). Nozomi is an excellent general character who can be used in pretty much any content. Probably one of the best Front characters that offers healing, tanking, and a taunt to protect other characters, no player should be without their own Nozomi.

  • Maho (3* Initial Recruitment). Similar to Nozomi, Maho is an excellent Back support who can help parties in both PvP and Story content with her HP/TP restoration and magic attack / physical defense buffs. In PvP, she also helps counter specific 2nd position threats like Tamaki as an extra bonus. 

Princess Arena Shop: unlocked after clearing Main Story Quest 8-15, players will need to maintain a reward rate of 34 Princess Arena Coins per hour in order to purchase 5 of these Character's Shards per day.

  • Miyako (2* Initial Recruitment). Miyako is considered the best physical damage tank character in the game and for good reason. A high physical defense and with two self-healing skills in her kit (with a bonus 2.4s invulnerability) make this ghost a very effective tank.

Battle Arena Shop: unlocked after clearing Main Story Quest 4-6, players will need to maintain a reward rate of 34 Battle Arena Coins per hour in order to purchase 5 of these Character's Shards per day.

  • Monika (3* Initial Recruitment). A generalist PvP character that can help almost any PvP team. Her ability to significantly boost her allies attack while also speeding up their actions and letting them use their Union Bursts quicker is amazing. Monika also having a very useful group attack is just icing on the cake.

Clan Battle Shop: current unreleased in Priconne Global but expected to come out relatively soon. 

  • Makoto (3* Initial Recruitment). If a player was not able to pull Makoto from the Gacha then they should definitely aim to recruit her through the Clan Battle Shop. Her physical defense shred abilities are almost required in order to most effectively deal damage to tanky single targets, like bosses.

  • Chika (2* Initial Recruitment). Chika is another very helpful support that can provide value to many teams. She's able to heal the entire party, can buff physical attack, and can lower the damage your party takes through her summoned spirit and "Fairy's Lullaby," which lowers the physical attack of the front-most enemy.


What Comes Next?

With the current content available in Priconne Global, just obtaining the above characters should give you enough critical pieces to tackle remaining and upcoming content. You will want to target either waifus, new characters, or ascension levels for your main party members afterwards. 

Remember, Priconne is a marathon, not a sprint, and as such a player will eventually unlock everyone and everything given enough time and dedication. The characters above are simply really good tools to have in the toolkit as you tackle the game's challenges.

Thoughts? Comments? Feel free to discuss this further on the /r/Priconne Subreddit thread.