Character Power

Prepare your characters for the challenges they will face!


Level-up tip screen.



Individual character Power is dictated by the following: equipment, level, skill levels, and ascension level. These can all be increased through progressing through the game and farming Story Mode Quests, using the Grotto and Dungeons to obtain EXP Potions and Mana, and obtaining Character Memory Shards. Proper leveling and maintaining of your characters are critical as players advanced into more challenging content and PvP game modes.


Equipment and Refinement

Every character in Priconne uses a set of equipment that dictates their Rank. The equipment provides the character with a chunk of stats that add to a character's overall Power rating. There are 6 total equipment slots that vary per character. After the player has cleared Main Story Quest X-X, they will unlock Equipment Refinement, which allows them to increase the stat bonuses of equipment by using Mana and Refinement Crystals. Note that Refinement Crystals are only partially refunded when a character's Rank is increased. This can cause a character's overall power to actually decrease upon Rank increase but is overall still an improvement due to the new potential stat bonuses from the next set of equipment.

There is a particular mentality regarding when to refine equipment, see "Refinement Strategy" below.

Rank and refinement are capped by currently released story content. Equipment not currently released will show as  "?" icon.​


Mifuyu gets a stat boost from equipping a piece of equipment.


A "Rank  7 +5 Rino"

Equipment is collected or "farmed" by completing Main Story Quests (Normal and Hard), Dungeon attempts, requesting some pieces from your Clan, and by purchasing pieces from the various game shops. Selecting an equipment slot on the character's screen will inform the player of stages where the equipment can drop. Note that if the equipment is in the first two reward slots, there is a significantly higher chance of receiving the equipment than if the piece shows in the third or later slots.

Some equipment, especially in later levels, is made up of pieces of lower rarity or lower level equipment, and this crafting path can be seen in-game as well. Always check to see if you can craft a piece of equipment before using valuable Stamina on an unnecessary adventure!


A player needs 4 Turquoise Earrings and can see which Quests drop the pieces using the in-game windows.


Vesta Valley 4-12 has a higher chance at dropping the Turquoise Earrings pieces than Flora Lake 6-5 as shown by the equipment's position (1 vs 3).



While players can simply chase after a particular equipment piece using the in-game guide, S'pugn created a great tool that allows players to plan out an efficient farming plan based on targetted characters, Ranks, and/or pieces of equipment. This tool is the Princess Connect! Re:Dive Quest Helper. After a player picks which characters or equipment they want to farm, the tool will display the best maps to farm based on calculated drop rates of individual map quests. Note that this quest is based on the original version but can be switched to be relevant to the global version in the settings, "Item Set: Legacy." As this tool is based on the original version, there may also be spoilers for upcoming characters, be warned.

Refinement Strategy

There are two primary strategies involving refinement: avoiding refinement until Rank 7 and refining to overcome immediate obstacles.

  1. Players should not refine their equipment until Rank 7, as this is when the character will unlock their Extra Skill and represents the largest single-rank boost for the foreseeable future. Refining equipment before Rank 7 will cause a loss of Refinement Crystals (which do eventually run out after leveling many characters) due to Ranks 1-6 being relatively quick in terms of progression. At Global Launch, Rank 7 is also the maximum Rank achievable in-game, further adding to the efficiency argument of this strategy.

  2. Players should refine their equipment whenever they are stuck on a particular level and they do not or cannot identify alternative ways of tackling the challenge (e.g. using different characters or leveling skills). While ultimately causing a loss of Refinement Crystals due to Rank increases, the minor boosts in stats can help push a team to victory quickly compared to leveling a new character that may or may even address the situation. Additionally, as Refinement Crystals can eventually be regained, there is no true loss.​


Each character in Priconne has access to four unique skills, known as their "Union Burst," Skill 1, Skill 2, and EX or "Extra" Skill. Each of these Skills are unlocked at certain Ranks and each need to be leveled using a fixed Mana cost. While many characters share similar roles or skill effects (e.g. recovering the HP of a weak ally or dealing massive damage to a single target), each character offers something unique to every party. Players learn what their character's strengths and weaknesses are in order to overcome any obstacle they face!

Skills can be leveled after a player clears Main Story Quest 2-2.

Union Bursts are unlocked at character Rank 1.

Skill 1 is unlocked at character Rank 2.

Skill 2 is unlocked at character Rank 4.

EX Skill is unlocked at character Rank 7.

General descriptions of each skill type are below, individual character skill descriptions are available on a character's page.

More information regarding the actual gameplay/battle mechanics of these skills is available on the Combat Mechanics page.

Union Burst

A character's signature move is called their Union Burst. These skills have significant impacts to the flow of battle and proper usage of Union Bursts can swiftly change the outcome of a battle. 


Hatsune's Union Burst

Skill 1 and Skill 2

The character's other two skills, while important, are not controllable by a character. Characters will use these skills in combination with their regular attacks in a fixed pattern during combat. These patterns can be seen on their individual character's page. 


Hatsune's Skill 1


Hatsune's Skill 2

EX (Extra) Skills

EX Skills activate automatically at the start of the battle and do not have animations unlike Union Bursts or Skills 1 and 2. EX Skills offer a direct boost to a character's stat and is usually tied to that character's expected role (e.g. Lima, a Front tank unit, will increase her own physical defense to further lower incoming damage). 


Hatsune's EX Skill


The Optimize button on the character screen will allow players instantly:

  1. Increase the character's level to either the player's level or the maximum level obtainable using all EXP Potions.

  2. Increase the character's skill levels to either their newly reached character level or highest level obtainable using all available Mana.

  3. Craft any equipment pieces that are needed for available equipment (silver and grey plus marked slots).

  4. Equip those available equipment pieces.

All in one step! Note that this will use all available materials (EXP Potions and Mana) and may not always be the most efficient action in the later stages of the game, especially with Mana costs. A skill level from 60 to 61 may only increase overall damage by +20, but will cost the player 27,070 Mana, which can quickly eat at any player's Mana reserves.

Note that Optimization will not Rank up your characters, allowing players to make that decision as desired. Additionally, if a character is fully optimized, but not fully equipped, then the Optomize window will display which maps will drop a character's needed equipment and also suggest refining their equipment.


Examples of Optimize screens.