Clan Battle

"Pool your efforts with your fellow clan members to damage them bit by bit each day." - Kokkoro

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Clan Battle features a variety of boss battles for a Clan to defeat!



Players will need to be a part of a Clan in order to participate in Clan Battle mode. Players will need to obtain 300 "Clan Points" before they are able to participate in a Clan Battle monster fight. Each clan member can battle up to three times per day. Players can use any character that is level 10 or higher (similar to the Dungeon game mode) and can use Support Characters up to 30 levels higher than their Player Level. Therefore, a player will need to be Player Level 50 in order to use the launch's max level of 80.

Clan points are earned by clearing Main Story Quests at a rate of 1 Clan Point earned per 1 Stamina used and all Clan Point totals will reset at daily server reset time (01:00 PM UTC). Note that this does mean natural/free Stamina regeneration will most likely not get a player the 900 Stamina needed for 3 attempts per day.


After a player uses 300 Stamina, they will receive one attempt at a Clan Battle fight, up to 3 fights per day.


Clan Battle Mechanics

Character Requirements:

  • Characters must be at least Character Level 10.

  • Higher leveled Support Characters can only be used if they are within 30 levels of the player's level. 

  • All characters can only be used once per server day.

Trial Runs will allow a player to attempt a Clan Battle boss without consuming CP or one of their three daily attempts. This can be used to test party compositions, practice Union Burst timings, and (with a coordinated Clan) help determine how to best use a particular member's attempts for the day.

Clash attempts are the real deal and will consume CP and one of a player's three daily attempts.

Laps refer to the number of rounds each series of bosses have been fought. If a Clan is able to clear the last boss of a CB series, they will "lap" and return to the first boss again for additional ranking.

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Clan Battle has restrictions on character usage over the course of each boss fight attempt.


Clan Battle Strategies

There are a few general ways Clans will handle Clan Battles. Players may want to pick a Clan that suits their playstyle.

  • YOLO / Casual - Clans that will do minimal to no attempts at coordination and players will simply use their attempts and whatever characters they have to eventually down the bosses. This method is the most laid-back and while it can work and reward players based on their Clan's overall Power, this method will ultimately "waste" attempts that could have been more strategically used against certain bosses or with more synergistic parties. These Clans, while generally being the most open or approachable, may receive lesser rewards as more dedicated similarly-leveled Clans coordinate their Clan Battle attempts and shape their parties specifically for Clan Battle.

  • Communicative - Clans with players that at least attempt test runs to know how much damage they can do to each boss and where some players may have meta parties. Clan members may at least use their Clan Chat to organize and request players use their attempts if they are looking at effectively using their attempts. These Clans, with at least a handful of players paying attention and using their attempts strategically, will typically outperform a casual approach assuming similar overall power levels.

  • Efficient - Clans that will utilize test runs, third party communication, and schedule their Clan Battle runs to most effectively destroy the bosses using various min-max and "meta" strategies. These Clans, especially those that were built around participating in Clan Battle mode, will likely expect players to have a few "meta" characters (such as the famous Makoto or Jun 3*'s); parties designed for Clan Battle (e.g. Suzuna/Shiroi/Makoto/Kaori/Jun) and eventually future meta characters as the game progresses.


Clans will compete against each other for the best rewards!


Bosses (as of Clan Battle Beta started on 02/10/21)

Wyvern (Level 60; 6,000,000 HP) - A form of dragon that rides the wind on great leathery wings. Breaths great balls of fire to ward off intruders. 

  • Deals moderate physical damage to enemies in range.

Wild Gryphon (Level 65, 8,000,000 HP) - A Mini-Gryphon that has braved its harsh environment to attain a new form. Lifts its prey from the ground with whirlwinds to hunt them in the air.

  • Deals moderate magical damage to enemies in range.

Needle Creeper (Level 70, 10,000,000 HP) - A Creeper transformed by a strange power. Ensnares its foes in tendrils covered in countless thorns.

  • Deals moderate physical damage to enemies in range and inflicts Restrain.

  • Lowers the physical defense of enemies in range and inflicts Poison.

Mad Bear (Level 75, 12,000,000 HP) - A Savage Bear transformed by a strange power. Swings down its brawn arms in a blind rage to tear the very ground beneath its foes.

  • Deals large physical damage to enemies in range and inflicts Stun.

  • Deals small physical damage to an enemy directly in front and lowers their physical attack by a moderate amount.

Mesarthim (Level 80, 20,000,000 HP) - The Starbeast of Aries, now imbued with still greater power. Confines adventurers in its prison of desolate sleep and feasts upon their souls.

  • Deals large magical damage to all enemies, and additional small magical damage to enemies with Bind.

  • Deals moderate magical damage to enemies in range.

  • Inflicts Bind on one enemy.

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Clan Battles let players fight against fierce bosses!



Clan Coins:

The unique reward from the Clan Battle mode is Clan Coins, which are used in the Clan Shop and will allow players to obtain specific Character Memory Shards and (not recommended) equipment pieces. Notable characters include Makoto and Io, who otherwise must be pulled from the Gacha at a relatively low chance.

Individual Rewards:

Each boss will also reward individual Clan members with rewards (Clan Coins, EXP Potions, and Equipment Pieces) based on how well they performed compared to their other Clan members once the Clan defeats the boss. The rewards are given to any member who participates in the battle, with the number of rewards scaling based on each member's Rank. Each boss will reward different amounts/qualities of materials based on their difficulty. In general, members who rank 1st to 3rd will typically receive about 3x as many rewards as those that ranked 11th to 30th. 

Clan-wide Rewards:

As Clans clear bosses, they will collectively earn various rewards (Free Jewels, Refinement Crystals, and Clan Coins). These rewards will increase with the difficulty of the boss and can be seen on each boss' battle screen. 

Boss Rewards.png

Clans will receive rewards upon defeating a boss and at the end of the overall Clan Battle event.


Clan Rank Rewards

Rewards are given at the end of each Clan Battle event.

Clan Ranking
Clan Coins
Character Shards
1 - 10
11 - 25
26 - 50
51 - 150
151 - 300
301 - 700
701 - 1,500
1,501 - 3,000
3,001 - 5,000
5,001 - 7,000
7,001 - 10,000
10,001 - 15,000