Clan Battle Optimization Guide

Credit to Slug517 "V2G" for the original TW write-up.

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This is going to be a long one!

What is this? What is it based on? Why?

This is a summary and exploration of the article "戰隊戰術語合輯," or roughly "Compilation of CB Terminology" written by Slug 517 also known as V2G. Originally written as a guide to help their new clanmates in Clan Battle, the compilation also very thoroughly explains CB strategy and optimizations that Clans can use to push their scores to the absolute maximum based on the systems and rules in Princess Connect. Both due to the article being a very interesting and funny read and due to wanting to capture the essence for PGI, what's written below is an attempt at summarizing the most important bits from the article.

The original compilation totals about 5,500 words (30 pages) when translated raw using GoogleTranslate. I've used a combination of Google Translate, DeepL, and editing to bring this summary down to a more agreeable 2,000 words. A list of the topics not covered in this summary can be found at the bottom of this post. I have also substantially changed the flow of this summary from the flow of the original article to be (in my opinion) an easier read; changed the numerous amounts of metaphors and TW-based references to more common English-based expressions and references; and updated terms to official English translations when possible. I have also included information sourced from the CN Wiki in areas where the TW and Global servers may have differences.

I highly recommend reading the original article if you want more information. 

This will be incredibly information-heavy and is not meant for players or Clans that simply take a "normal" approach to Clan Battle (i.e. first in first out, maybe do your three CB Attempts per day). This guide was written and is summarized with a target audience of "Clans wondering how to work together to maximize their score based on cold hard math, frame-perfect timing, and using every system in the game."

Core Terminology

While specific clans may use different terms, these are the terms I will use in this article.

  • CB Attempt. One of the three daily Clan Battle boss fights.

    • Auto CB Attempt. When a CB Attempt is performed entirely on Auto mode.

    • Manual CB Attempt. When a CB Attempt is performed entirely on Non-Auto to allow for UB-timing.

    • Bad CB Attempt. When the Battle Plan says you will do 800,000 damage but the CB Attempt does significantly less. Throws off the Battle Plan significantly if not saved.

    • Sad Man’s CB Attempt. When the boss will take less than 90 seconds to defeat and there is no way to obtain Carryover Time, forcing a player to just kill the boss and take Suboptimal CarryoverTime. Also, their damage score looks worse compared to others in the in-game battle log.

    • Coordinated CB Attempt. When multiple players attack the boss at the same time.

    • Carryover Time CB Attempt. When a player is using their Carryover Time to attack a boss. This time cannot be saved for another CB Attempt and is lost once used.

    • "Completing a CB Attempt." Finishing a CB Attempt (you see the results screen).

  • Already-Defeated Kill. When a player completes a CB Attempt but the boss is officially already defeated. The player who completed their CB Attempt will be refunded their CB Attempt. Can be used to save a Bad CB Attempt.

  • Overkill. The instance where a player completes their CB Attempt and their total damage dealt is more than the boss' official "remaining HP."  Depending on the order in which players exit and their damage dealt, they will be awarded Carryover Time.

  • Carryover Time. Extra time a player receives when they complete their CB Attempt in a particular way (e.g. Overkilling or Already-Defeated Kill). Is awarded when a player does not get the “full value” of their CB Attempt time.

    • Perfect Carryover Time. Receiving a full 90 seconds of Carryover Time.

    • Suboptimal CarryoverTime. When a player, due to carelessness, bad luck, or lack of other players, takes less Carryover Time than desired.

  • Clan Battle Manager. The Clan member responsible for tracking the damage each player has done to the boss during a Coordinated CB Attempt and calculating the correct order in which the players should complete their CB Attempt (completion order) to maximize the awarded Carryover Time on the best-receiving player based on the available Battle Plans.

  • Battle Plan. A predefined set of characters and instructions on UB-timings or frame-perfect inputs that Clan members are expected to follow to maximize their damage output. Also known as  a "Timeline."​

    • Front-loaded. When the bulk of a party's damage occurs within the first 45 seconds of a 90-second battle.

    • Back-loaded. When the bulk of a party's damage occurs within the last 45 seconds of a 90-second battle.

    • Lazy Plan. A plan that is expected to be played on Auto.

    • Manual UB Plan. Documenting the timing of a UB based on the in-game timer.

    • Frame-Perfect Plan. Requires running Princess Connect at 60 frames-per-second (i.e. 60 FPS) and then documenting the timing of a UB based on the current frame of the battle.

    • Translated Plan. A Battle Plan created by transcribing a CB Attempt video into text.

    • Emergency Plan. Extra plans for fixing a FUBAR or doing a Saving Private Ryan.

  • Animation Cancel. Using a character’s UB to skip the remaining animation of their current action. Is incorporated when documenting UB timings to optimize damage dealt.

Fun Terminology

Not particularly important but my take on some of the fun ideas expressed in the original article.

  • Bitch Boss. A boss that a player does not want to fight for whatever reason (e.g. difficult timeline or RNG-dependent). Players who are tasked with killing a Bitch Boss are either heroes (doing work that is difficult for others) or janitors (doing the work no one else wants to do).

  • Lurkers. Players who will not attack a Bitch Boss even though they totally could because they want to have a bigger score on an easier boss.

  • "Dropping the GD Ball." When a player doesn’t do at least their three CB Attempts a day.

  • Otouto (Little Brother) Syndrome. Comparatively weaker players in a Clan that specifically go for “high damage easy Battle Plans” to maximize their final score. This allows them to compete with the strongest in a Clan, similar to a little brother emulating their big bro.

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Relevant Clan Battle Scenarios

Situations that Clans need to know how to deal with.

  • FUBAR. Acronym for "Fucked Up Beyond All Repair" and refers to a Bad CB Attempt. Can be saved by a Saving Private Ryan depending on other Clan members.

  • Saving Private Ryan. When Clan members work together to save a CB Attempt that is considered FUBAR. Such as by defeating the boss while the “Ryan's" attempt is paused at 0:01. Once the boss is defeated, Ryan will complete their CB Attempt and get their CB Attempt refunded (boss already defeated). Note that a successful Saving Private Ryan will lock the used characters until the next day.

  • Jumping the Gun. When Player A is in the process of doing a Carryover Time CB Attempt and then Player B both enters and completes a CB Attempt, causing the boss's health to go below Player A’s Carryover Time CB Attempt’s damage dealt. Because Player A was already using Carryover Time, they will not receive more Carryover Time, and the overkill damage is considered “wasted.” In this scenario, Player B "jumped the gun" and has wasted Player A’s Carryover Time.

  • Slipping Up. When a player accidentally completes their CB Attempt before the Clan Battle Manager has finished determining the proper completion sequence. Players who slip up cause trouble for both the Manager who now needs to revise the completion order and is exacerbated with players who Jump the Gun.

  • Damage Reporting. The act of reporting the boss damage dealt by a player. In instances where each point of damage matters to maximizing Carryover Time, players who do not damage report cause unnecessary work for the Clan Battle Manager.

  • Carding. Using the actual Clan Battle damage report card in-game to relay damage dealt and confirm CB Attempt completion order based on the server data.

  • “English, Motherfucker.” when something goes wrong due to communication.

Clan Battle General Optimizations and Tips

Just extra FYI's that are relevant to Clan Battle.

  • Know if a player's Battle Plan is Front or Back-loaded. Knowing when a player will deal the most damage to a specific boss with a given party will help the Clan Battle Manager determine which player should receive the Carryover Time.

  • Force Close Redo. Each player can force close their game once per day during a CB Attempt and their CB Attempt will be refunded. Subsequent attempts at force crashing will still use the CB Attempt.

  • 0:01 Disconnecting. The game will not complete a CB Attempt until it reconnects to the Internet after the timer is exhausted. By disconnecting their device at the last possible second, a player can make use of their daily "free reset" in the event a 0:01 damage milestone is not reached.

  • Practice Battle Plans. At least in the TW Server, it is expected that Clan members know how to properly execute their Battle Plan perfectly. Some plans require literally split-second timing (see "Frame-Perfect Plan").

  • Define "FUBAR" for your Clan. Teaching Clan members when to notify the Clan that a run is FUBAR will help ensure a CB Attempt is not wasted if it can be Saved. 

Maximum Carryover Time Strategy

The core strategy to maximizing a Clan's score over a Clan Battle.


The Goal:

  • When executed absolutely perfectly, key Clan members will be able to effectively use 6 CB Attempts worth of time per day (540 seconds vs. 270 seconds). This allows Clans to obtain significantly more points compared to Clans that do not coordinate around maximizing Carryover Time.


  • Carryover Time always rounds up (e.g. 89.01 seconds will be 90 seconds total rewarded, effectively earning a free CB Attempt).

  • Carryover Time can be used on any other boss but the current party cannot be changed.

  • Carryover Time expires at the end of a Clan Battle period day.

  • Identifying which player is the best receiver of Carryover Time is critical to this strategy (e.g. players with front-loaded Battle Plans are better receivers of smaller amounts of Carryover Time).

How is Carryover Time Calculated?

  • Note that the original article calculated Carryover Time a bit differently. I'll be using Global-specific equations.

  • Basic Carryover Time: a player fights the boss and defeats it within 90 seconds.

    • The player will receive "90 – (Time Used) + 10 seconds" to use on another boss. You can also think of this as "(Remaining Time) + 10 seconds." 

  • Overkill Carryover Time: Players A and B both battle the boss at the same time. Player A completes their CB Attempt but does not defeat the boss. Player B completes the CB Attempt for the full 90 seconds and their damage is more than the boss’s now Official Remaining HP  due to Player A's CB Attempt.

    • Player B will receive "[1 - (Official Remaining HP at Current Time) / (Damage Dealt)] * 90 + 10 seconds" to use on another boss.

  • Overkill Carryover Time, but sub-90 Seconds: Players A and B both battle the boss at the same time. Player A completes their CB Attempt but does not defeat the boss. Player B completes the CB Attempt but does not use the full 90 seconds (i.e. they would have defeated the boss regardless), and naturally, their damage is more than the boss’s now Official Remaining HP due to Player A's CB Attempt.

    • The player will receive "[ (Time Used) / 90 - (Official Remaining HP at Current Time) / (Damage Dealt) ] * 90 + 10 seconds" to use on another boss. ​

Using the "Maximum Carryover Time Strategy"

  • Scenario: Players A and B are both doing their CB Attempts. They can each do 800,000 damage to the boss within 90 seconds (200,000 damage front-loaded and 600,000 damage back-loaded). The boss has 1,000,000 HP remaining.

    • Incorrect: Player A completes their CB Attempt and the boss officially has 200,000 HP. Player B enters and completes their CB attempt in 45 seconds (200,000 damage dealt and the boss is now defeated). Player B simply gets 90 – (45) + 10 =55 seconds of Carryover time (+0.61 CB Attempts).

    • Correct: Players A and B enter at the same time (Coordinated CB Attempts) when the boss officially has 1,000,000 HP. Player A completes their CB Attempt, dealing 800,000 HP to the boss. The boss now officially has 200,000 HP but the instance of the boss that Player B is fighting is still considered as having 1,000,000 HP. Player B then completes their CB Attempt, dealing 800,000 damage to the boss. At this point, the following happens:

      • The boss officially has 200,000 HP.

      • Player B’s first 200,000 damage is registered and the boss is defeated.

      • Even though the boss officially only had 200,000 HP when Player B completed their CB Attempt, their 800,000 total damage is still factored into CarryoverTime. Essentially, CarryoverTime factors in the official HP of the boss but the CB Attempt’s instance of the damage dealt.

      • Player B receives their score for the remaining 200,000 HP. Player B will receive [1 - (200,000) / (800,000)] * 90 + 10 = 77.5 seconds  , rounded up to 78 seconds of Carryover Time (+0.87 CB Attempts).

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Maximum Carryover Time Strategy and Coordinated CB Attempts

The expected natural extreme of optimizing the Clan Battle system.


The Goal:

  • Keeping in mind all the rules, strategies, and options above, Clan Battle Managers will manage the execution of the various Battle Plans and determine the best order of completing CB Attempts to maximize Carryover Time.

Method 1 - "Highest First":

  • A simplified order for CB Attempt Completion Order where the players that deal the most damage will be told by the Clan Battle Manager to complete their CB Attempt first.

  • Scenario: the boss has 550,000 HP and Player A deals 450,000 damage, Player B deals 430,000 damage, and Player C deals 150,000 damage due to FUBAR.

    • Keep in mind: A into B or B into A will both defeat the boss and award Carryover Time.

    • However, if A completes into B, then B will receive 79 additional seconds of Carryover Time.

    • If B completes into A, then A will only receive 76 seconds of Carryover Time, resulting in a net loss of 3 seconds. If enough miscalculations occur, entire CB Attempt's worth of time can be forefeit.

    • Player C is ignored and can complete their CB Attempt after the boss is officially defeated, refunding their CB Attempt.

  • While “highest damage first” does not always apply, it’s generally correct.

  • Pros:

    • Easy to understand.

    • Generally correct.

    • Can be done with just 2 players or more over the course of a day.

  • Cons:

    • Not fully efficient.

    • At the mercy of RNG.

    • The clan is not using all their players optimally.

  • Method 2 - Coordinated CB Attempts / "PriconnEVE":

    • When many players simultaneously attack the boss, pause their game at around 0:03 to prevent slip-ups, and damage reports with the Clan Battle Manager who then determines the efficiency of each player's CB Attempt. The Manager then determines which players will complete their CB Attempt to defeat the boss with the least amount of players while ensuring Carryover Time goes to the best potential user.

    • For some Clan Battles, attacking the boss at a high HP will allow all players to attack the boss without encountering the “rage mechanic.” This mechanic will eventually be deprecated but regardless this method is still more optimal than Highest First because it factors in multiple people and RNG.

    • Scenario: 29 players attack the boss at the same time.

      • Each player will pause their CB Attempt at 0:03 ish and damage reports their current damage dealt.​

      • The Clan Battle Manager evaluates the expected damage to actual damage efficiency based on the Battle Plan and Trial Run simulations.

      • The Clan Battle Manager then has the players complete their CB Attempts in the most optimal order for which players to complete their CB Attempt while aiming to achieve Perfect Carryover Time and refund the most CB Attempts due to Already-Defeated Kill interactions.

    • Pros:

      • Due to the larger amount of players, the risk of having to mitigate a FUBAR CB Attempt is reduced.

      • If everyone participates in the attack, then the Clan knows they have achieved their most optimal score.

    • Cons:

      • This turns the game into fucking EVE Online and requires players to be (1) available, (2) ensuring their CB Attempt won’t be lost or slipped up (e.g. phone disconnecting or emulator crashing), and (3) potentially doing this for hours while folks do their CB Attempts.

      • Subject to Slip-Ups due to requiring multiple players to park their CB Attempt instance while scores are calculated.

Topics NOT Covered from the Original Article

Your understanding is appreciated.

  • TW Server Details. I did not include issues or community guidelines that were seemingly only relevant to the TW playerbase.​

  • "Co-Pilot CB Attempts". Referring to letting other people control your account, I did not include this as I personally feel this is the line between "skill expression" of a whole Clan versus "cheating" by having another person play the game for another. The original article did not seemingly endorse this either but the practice is common enough to have warranted inclusion.

  • Appointment Workflows. Literally different ways that Clans schedule their CB Attempts across their members. 

  • Intentional Griefing. Joining a Clan for the sole purpose of FUBAR'ing or Jumping the Gun to disrupt CB Attempt scores. Just don't be an asshole.

  • "Blacklisting." A practice of publically identifying players who grief. See above.

  • Types of "Clan Requirements," literally a list of the types of Clans that TW has (e.g. minimum damage, must-have-characters, etc.)