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Focus Gacha: Arisa!

"I'll fill you with arrows!"

February 17, 2021 - March 4, 2021

"I'll fill you with arrows!"


Arisa is the newest character available in Priconne Global and the second collaboration character after Djeeta. Arisa is the protagonist of another Cygames game called Shadowverse (external: Steam). In Shadowverse, Arisa is a leader for the Forestcraft class who battle using armies of fairies.

In Priconne, Arisa takes on the role of a ranged DPS, with a particular niche of targeting the highest magic attack threat on the field. Her Union Burst has particular utility in long fights such as Dungeon or Clan Battle bosses due to its stacking damage ability, allowing it to deal more damage as its fired. Combined with her Skill 2, which allows her to recover her own TP, Arisa becomes a great DPS character. However, this stacking does not carry over between waves in a multi-round battle such as the Main Story Quest.

Overall, Arisa is a good addition to PvP and Clan Battle parties who is able to both snipe and delay magic threat Union Bursts, such as Hatsune. She shines in content where she is able to fire her Union Bursts multiple times but is interchangeable with other backline threats like Shiori or Suzuna in Main Story Quest content. She is considered squishy and if targeted, such as by an enemy Hatsune, it may become a race between who can snipe whom first.

Arisa is only available through the Gacha at this time. In the future, Arisa will be available as a hard mode quest drop. Players looking to recruit Arisa will want to pull her now, as we do not know when this content will be available in Priconne Global. 


What does she change?

PvP and Clan Battle

Arisa will probably be a common sight in both PvP and Clan Battle teams, fulfilling a similar role to Shiori and Suzuna as a Back physical DPS that provides great Union Burst damage. Arisa's self-synergy with filling her own TP allows her to deal massive damage over time to a single enemy, which is the entire point of Clan Battle. She only needs to fire her Union Burst once in order to buff her UB damage (subsequent UB's will not increase damage further) and the damage is roughly 1.5x the listed value in her skill tooltip. 

PvP Focus

In PvP, Arisa is able to inflict action speed down, a fairly unique debuff that can delay an enemy magic character just long enough to take them out before they can use their Union Burst. Combined with a character that can also debuff the enemy's physical resistance, such as Mitsuki, Arisa can deal significant damage very early in a PvP fight. Finally, due to her own TP recovery skill, she is able to fire her Union Burst faster than many other characters, allowing her to get early hits on the enemy Front.


Should you pull?

If a player is looking to expand their options for Clan Battle and PvP, they should probably pull for Arisa. While she is yet another niche Back physical DPS such as Suzuna (crit) and Shiori (UB spam), her niche of targeting the highest magic threat can be situationally very useful. For players that solely play Priconne for the story, they may not want to use their Jewels for Arisa.

Recruitment and Shard Farming in the Future

Arisa is currently only available for recruitment through the Focus Gacha, making her both an expensive character to recruit as well as an expensive character to ascend with Divine Amulets. In the future, she will be available as a Hard Mode drop, but we do not know when this content will be available. This limitation does make her a less attractive option compared to Shiori or Suzuna, who fulfill similar roles and can be Shard farmed (Shiori in particular with the ongoing Hatsune's Perfect Present event). However, few other characters can fulfill Arisa niche, still making her a valuable addition to any roster.