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Focus Gacha: Ayane!

"Taaaaake that! Pukichi Fullswing!"

March 4, 2021 - March 22, 2021

"Taaaaake that! Pukichi Fullswing!"


Ayane is the newest character available in Priconne Global. She is a "little cub" who can forcibly disrupt the enemy Front by pushing back the front-most character a significant amount. She also offers a very early group AoE stun with her Skill 1 that can delay enemy UB’s and actions. When used correctly, this can allow PvP teams to attack an opponent's Midguard for a significant period.

Ayane is a good supportive front character but she is not a tank, pairing well with other Fronts like Nozomi, Miyako, and Jun. Her Skill 1 allows her to group stun the enemy Vanguard, which can both delay enemy UB's and allow your team perform more actions during a battle. Her Skill 2 is a physical defense shred, which can help enable Front-targeting damage dealers like Shiori or Suzuna, but this defense shred is significantly less than the go-to Makoto's shred.

Ayane is only available through the Gacha at this time. In the future, Ayane's Character Shards will be available as a Battle Arena Shop purchase. As a 2* character, she will also be a fairly easy recruitment even after her banner ends. If a player wants to recruit Ayane ASAP, they will want to pull her now. However, there's no rush and she will eventually hop out of the pool at some point for everyone!


What does she change?


Ayane may find herself a good spot on one of a player's Princess Arena teams, as she offers a good offering of supportive skills that can disrupt common characters like Miyako or Nozomi Fronts when she is able to use her UB. Unfortunately, her 2* rarity and current Shard farming unavailability will make her a costly character to ascend.

Clan Battle

Ayane will most likely not find use in Clan Battle. Her skillset is much more oriented for PvP situations and her Stun and Knockbacks will be less useful against Clan Battle bosses. Her physical defense shred might be useful to enable other physical DPS characters, but many other characters can both match the little amount of shred she provides while also providing significantly more damage.


Should you pull?

If a player is looking to expand their options for PvP, they might want to throw some pulls for Ayane, but for most players I would say Ayane is a skip. Until she becomes available in the Battle Arena Shop, she will be a costly character to ascend and her skillset requires a decent amount of planning to use well. While her initial group stun can be useful for delaying the enemy's action, a more straightforward damage party will be both easier to draft and easier to execute. As a 2* character, she will also be a fairly easy recruitment as players pull from the Premium and Focus Gachas, it's only a matter of time!

Saren is also featured on Ayane's banner with a rate-up. Saren is a great enabling character who can hasten her party member's TP usage. However, with the recent release of Map 9, Saren now has two Hard Mode quests to farm for her Shards. Therefore, unless a player wants to maximize the value of their farmed Memory Shards, I would not recommend pulling on Ayane's banner to try and fish for Saren specifically.

Recruitment and Shard Farming in the Future

Ayane is currently only available for recruitment through the Focus Gacha. In the future, she will be available as a Battle Arena Shop purchase, but we do not know when this content will be available.