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Focus Gacha: Illya!

"Come, my minion! Let us rule the night together!"

April 28, 2021 - May 18, 2021

"Come, my minion! Let us rule the night together!"


Illya is the newest character available in Priconne Global. The "Ruler of the Night" who will immediately start shaking up the PVP meta for the nearfuture. Her constant high single-target and group magic damage will start a period of magic dominance in the Arenas. Additionally, as a high magic damage DPS, she signals the proper start to Clan Battle magic-based teams.

However, Illya destructive skills come at a significant cost to her own health. Using her Skill 1 and Skill 2 will rapidly deplete both her own HP reserves, which means players will want to party her other characters that can either boost her offensive capabilities (e.g. Saren or Akari); defend her from the Front (e.g. Nozomi or Kuka); or a combination of both (e.g. Yukari or Shizuru). Unfortunately, the high health costs from her own skills will cause Illya to self-destruct very quickly at lower Ascension levels. She is a character that many will recommend to bring to 5* as the additional stats will help mitigate this drawback while increasing her damage output, a win-win! If kept at lower Ascension levels, there are ways of mitigating her HP loss through strategic party planning.

Illya is only available through the Gacha at this time and her Character Shards will be available as a Hard Mode Drop in the future. As a 3* character who can offer a lot of damage and utility to many magic parties, it is recommended to recruit her now if possible.


What does she change?


Illya will be a common sight across many rankings in the Arena game modes. As a high DPS character that can both attack the Front and Middle positions, she is able to rapidly lower enemy HP bars. By partying Illya with characters like Yukari, Monika, and Saren, players can make incredible use out of her upfront damage. However, Illya is a vulnerable target and go-to Middle or Magic Threat attackers such as Rino, Ninon, Tamaki, or Arisa can be dangerous matchups. Building a proper party that can protect Illya and/or partying Illya with other magic threats that can finish the battle once she falls (e.g. Hatsune or Kyoka) will be a good exercise for Illya-using players.

Illya, due to her unique self-damage skillset, is the subject of a lot of experimentation and theory. For more information on matchups and party examples based on specific Ascension levels and characters, I recommend checking out the "Complete Guide to Illya's PvP Usage," a living document translated by wewechoo based on a guide by Grover.

Clan Battle

Illya will finally bring much-needed magic DPS to the Clan Battle scene. By partying her with characters such as Misato, Kyoka, and Akari, a player can build a strong magic-based team that can excel on weaker CB bosses. In the future, characters that can shred Magic Defense similar to a Makoto or Jun for physical DPS characters will only enable Illya and her friends to deal even more damage.


Should you pull?

In short, yes! Illya will remain a relevant character in both PVP and CB contexts for a while. While she is a character that benefits from Ascending through Divine Amulets (at least until her Shards are made available in Hard Mode), she is one of the few characters that is truly worth using Divine Amulets to Ascend, especially if a player's focus is on PVP.

Recruitment and Shard Farming in the Future

Illya is currently only available for recruitment through the Focus and Premium Gacha. In the future, her Character Shards will be available as a Hard Mode Drop, but we do not know when this content will be available.