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Focus Gacha: Jun!

"You'll be safe if you stay behind me."

January 29, 2021 - February 8, 2021

"You'll be safe if you stay behind me."


Jun is a great generalist tank character that many players will want to have in their roster. She offers high defensive stats, a single-target HP recovery, and a hefty Barrier that can help her allies in battle. Her biggest team contribution is due to her Skill 2's physical defense shred, which will allow characters like Makoto, Kaori, Hiyori, and Suzuna to do significantly more damage. This will be a common strategy in the upcoming Clan Battle game mode, to the point some competitive Clans will assume players have recruited and leveled both Makoto and Jun (their defense reductions will stack).

For players less interested in Clan Battle, they may not want to pull for Jun as other tank-oriented characters are both more permanently available and more easily ascended. Miyako, Kuka, Nozomi, and Shizuru can all challenge Jun in some situations and their Memory Shards are farmable today. Similarly, in PvP, Jun will not be replacing common characters like Miyako and Nozomi anytime soon. 

Overall, players needing a general tank cannot do much better than Jun. For those looking to excel in Clan Battle using easily accessible physical damage parties, Jun is considered a must-pull, especially when partied with Makoto. Also she shared the same VA as Saber, so there's that!


What does she change?

For story content, Jun is an excellent general Front Tank character who can provide additional single target healing, physical defense shred, and a group-wide Barrier to any party. She pairs extremely well with characters like Kaori and Makoto by being able to stand in front of them and allow them to shine in their DPS roles. Players without a dedicated Tank-line such as a combination of Miyako, Nozomi, Shizuru, Kuka, and/or 2/3* Pecorine will be delighted with using Jun. However, players with an already-leveled Tank lineup, especially if those character's Memory Shards can be freely farmed (e.g. Miyako and Princess Arena, Nozomi and Dungeon Coins), may not need to prioritize pulling Jun. 

However, for players that want an advantage in Clan Battle mode, pulling for Jun is significantly more desirable. 

The upcoming Clan Battle game mode, in short, is comprised of a series of boss battles similar to the final boss of a Dungeon. Players are expected to do as much damage as possible within a given time limit to the boss, promoting a focus on DPS output. Therefore, Jun's combined role of Tank (Heal/Barrier) as well as physical defense shred (Skill 2) will make her extremely useful for players looking to get an early advantage in the first series of Clan Battles. Physical DPS characters that can pair well with Jun (Makoto, Kaori, Suzuna, Hiyori etc.) are easily leveled characters as of launch and benefit exceptionally from her defense shred.

In PvP Jun will see the same general usage as other tanks without gimmicks (e.g. Pecorine). However, Jun's kit is more difficult to make use of in PvP, as defense shred and non-Taunting tanks can be useless against teams that simply target your physical DPS characters immediately. Jun's Front position competition in PvP is fierce, and unlike in Clan Battle, she actually can falter compared to some of her peers.

  • Miyako  can outshine Jun with her physical defense, amazing self-sustain, and stalling capability. Her much easier Memory Shard farming through Princess Arena will also let Miyako hit 5* much more cheaply than Jun.

  • Kuka/Nozomi both offer a Taunt, which Jun lacks. Taunting allows Kuka and Nozomi to counter characters like the infamous Tamaki from assassinating a player's magic DPS threat. 

  • Shizuru offers a similar kit to Jun (heal, physical Barrier, and some DPS) while being much easier to farm Character Shards for (Hard Mode 6-3). While Shizuru pales in comparison to Jun as a tank, Shizuru can be a cheaper alternative to a general Front character in PvP.


Should you pull?

As always, "waifu is laifu," but if you want more opinions, read on.

If you are a player or a part of a Clan that expects to be competitive in the upcoming Clan Battle mode, pulling for Jun is highly recommended. Her hype pre-global launch has caused her to become known as a "must pull" for Clan Battles and players and clans who do actually know how to build around Jun will find great success in the initial series of Clan Battle.

If a player does not have a tank lineup or wants a safe tank pull for the majority of story content, Jun is a great pull. However, if a player has already leveled a tank lineup they may want to hold off on pulling Jun, especially if those character's Memory Shards are farmable today. Jun may be the best generalist tank but is still a generalist. Players can focus more on Miyako (physical defense), Kuka (magic defense), or Nozomi (Taunt/Healer/Support) for alternative specialist tank characters and be just fine.

For players focused on Battle/Princess Arena only, they can safely pass on Jun. She does not offer anything in terms of kit that can't be better built around (and cheaper to ascend) that exists today. See the "What does she change?" section above for more details.