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Focus Gacha: Kyoka!

"Thank you very much, Mr. Suspicious Creepy Guy."

March 4, 2021 - March 22, 2021

"Thank you very much, Mr. Suspicious Creepy Guy."


Kyoka is the newest character available in Priconne Global. A "tiny honor student" who can very quickly dispatch the Front-most enemy with her magic attacks. She's able to buff her own Magic Attack for her first few attacks and Skill use to provide her party with an incredible amount of upfront damage. However, she suffers from a lack of tankiness due to her Magic DPS role and can benefit from having characters to increase her Action Speed and allow her to use her Union Burst faster. 

Kyoka is an amazing character for Magic-based parties such as the "Mage Melt" party and will provide one of the highest upfront magic attack skillsets for a significant time. Her UB activation time is relatively slow due to being positioned well into the Back position and because of this, she pairs well with characters like Monika who can increase party Action Speed. As with pretty much all Magic-based characters, she suffers from a low innate durability and against enemies that can target either her (e.g. due to magic threat or Back-targeting) she will be difficult to keep alive. Characters that can Taunt or Recover HP such as Nozomi or Kuka can be good party members for Kyoka.

Kyoka is only available through the Gacha at this time and is expected to be available as part of the overall Gacha pool permanently after her banner. In the future, Kyoka's Character Shards will be available as a Hard Mode Stage drop. As a 3* character, she will be a difficult recruitment after her banner ends, so pulling for her now is recommended!


What does she change?


Kyoka will be a mainstay in the PvP scene for a good while. Not only are Magic-based parties already a common answer to Miyako-Fronts and Tank-heavy teams in general, but Kyoka will be able to provide an easy and straightforward solution to melting poor Pudding very quickly. Players who can also keep her alive and speed up her UB will find success with Kyoka.

Clan Battle

With Kyoka's release, Magic-based CB parties are significantly more viable compared to past CB's. While we do not have a direct analog for Makoto's Physical Defense Shred for Magic-teams yet, the high Magic firepower offered by characters like Kyoka will allow her to deal significant damage to certain Clan Battle bosses.


Should you pull?

Simply put, yes, most players will want to pull Kyoka due to her overall usability in story, PvP, and CB content both now and in the future. However, players should not feel pressured to pull for her due to expected permanent availability in the Gacha pool. Odds are quite good that over time, a player will pull her when they are actually looking to pull someone else (haha...). 

Recruitment and Shard Farming in the Future

Kyoka is currently only available for recruitment through the Focus Gacha and is expected to remain in the Gacha pull even after her banner ends. In the future, she will be available as a Hard Mode Stage drop, but we do not know when this content will be available.