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Focus Gacha: Misato!

"Poor little thing. Let me heal you right up."

April 11, 2021 - April 28, 2021

"Poor little thing. Let me heal you right up."


Misato is the newest character available in Priconne Global. A "beloved teacher" who can supports her party with two healing skills and a substancial Magic Attack buff. While she is unable to deal meaningful damage on her own, her ability to boost the power of magic-based parties can make her a great party member in both PVE and PVP.

Misato starts battle by casting her Magic Attack buff and her Heal Over Time, allowing her to enable upfront magic damage party members such as Kyoka and Anna while helping protect them by healing the party's tank. As a 2* character, she will see decent usage for players as they round out their magic damage parties.

Misato is only available through the Gacha at this time and is expected to be available as part of the overall Gacha pool permanently after her banner. In the future, Misato's Character Shards will be available as a Dungeon Shop purchase. As a 2* character, she will be an easy recruitment even after her banner ends, so pulling for her now is not necessary.


What does she change?


Misato will be a somewhat common appearance for players that are trying to craft a Magic-based or stalling-based party for PVP. Characters like Akari and Anna and a number of upcoming characters will benefit from her Magic Attack buff ability. Misato is unfortunately an expensive character to ascend until her Shards are made available in the Dungeon Shop.

Clan Battle

Misato will most likely not see use in Clan Battle. Due to her personal overall low damage output and the lack of Magic Damage shred currently available in the game, other characters can both contribute more damage in CB or fill her spot in the party better.


Should you pull?

For Misato specifically? Probably not. Since Misato will both be in the Standard Gacha banner even after her Focus Gacha ends players will most likely recruit her over time. However, Misato's Focus Gacha also features Hatsune, who players may want to pull for.

Hatsune was recently featured in the event "Hatsune's Perfect Present." For those that partcipated in the event but either did not obtain enough Shards or have been saving her Shards, this can be a great opportunity to pull for Hatsune. Players can then use their stockpiled Shards for an easy 4* ascension!

Recruitment and Shard Farming in the Future

Misato is currently only available for recruitment through the Focus and Premium Gacha and is expected to remain in the Gacha pool even after her banner ends. In the future, she will be available as a Dungeon Shop purchase, but we do not know when this content will be available.