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Focus Gacha: Rin

"I love them acorns. ♪"

February 8, 2021 - February 17, 2021

"I love them acorns. ♪"


Rin is the newest character to Priconne Global. A 2* Support/Healer who can offer a little bit of everything to a party, she unfortunately gets outshadowed by many other (easier to improve) supports and even gets pushed out of her own Gacha limelight by the featured 3*'s Maho and Makoto.

Rin is able to heal, buff physical attack/magic defense all allies; buff the magic defense of nearby allies, and stun the front-most enemy - all while boasting a decent Tank stat pool herself. This makes her a safe if generalist character addition to any party. However, this generalist nature means she will be outperformed by other characters who may offer a more specialized skillset (e.g. Yui, Yukari).

What truly sets Rin back is her initial 2* rarity and (at the moment) difficulty in Memory Shard farming (see: In the Future section below). Until her Shard farming is made easier with her future addition to the Dungeon Shop, the cost of Divine Amulets may be better suited for other currently limited characters like Jun or hard-to-farm characters like Makoto or Princess Arena Shop characters. 


What does she change?

Rin offers a large skillset but ultimately does not shape the meta nor character roster by much. Her biggest unique offering is her substancial magic defense buff which is not available from many other characters but the difficulty in timing the Skill 1 usage and its limited range will make it a difficult skill to play around.

Overall, unless a player really likes Rin, I would expect most players will continue to run their already improved healers, supporters, and stun-characters and not pivot to using Rin.


Should You Pull? & In the Future

Players will pull on this banner for two primary reasons: Waifu is Laifu (there must be Rin fans out there!) and the 3*/2* Guild Focus targets of Maho, Makoto, Shiori, and Kaori. The latter 3 are primary targets for players looking to excel in the upcoming Clan Battle mode and Maho is an amazing Support for both Story and PvP content. 

Sidenote: I was in the second category, as someone without Shiori or Makoto, getting both of them just in time for Clan Battle was a nice, if expensive, Gacha pull for me.

Unfortunately for Rin, in the near future, she will continue having to compete with already available characters that players have already improved and built their parties around. Rin, as a 2* character with Shards that cannot yet be farmed, will be an expensive investment of Divine Amulets that may be more worthwhile to spend on other characters.

Recruitment in the Future: Rin will be available in the Dungeon Shop for the standard rate of 800 Dungeon Coins for 5 Memory Shards, allowing player to recruit her without having to pull her from the Gacha. It it not known when this update will occur. Players wanting to play with Rin will want to pull on this banner as Global players can only speculate when her Shop addition or rerun will occur.