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Hard Quest Double Drop Campaign 1

Great time to farm Character Shards and Equipment!

March 15, 2021 - March 19, 2021

Great time to farm Character Shards and Equipment!


During the event dates, drops such as Character Memory Shards, Mana, and equipment obtained from clearing Hard Stages will be doubled in quantity. This bonus does not apply to Player EXP, Character EXP, Bond Level EXP, Skip Bonuses, or one-time rewards like Jewels.

Refreshing Hard Mode Attempts and Stamina might be beneficial for players looking to maximize their Shard or equipment piece farming during this time, but will be very expensive in terms of Jewels while only saving the player some time. 


Refresh Cost Breakdown

I expand upon this analysis in this reddit post, for more details check there!

Players will, at maximum bonuses, generate about 762 Stamina per server day (breakdown below). As each Hard Stage attempt costs an average of 18 Stamina, a set of 3 attempts costs 54 Stamina. Players can restore their 3x attempts once per day per Hard Stage for 50 Jewels, upping the total Stamina to 108 for 6x attempts.

With this in mind, assuming a player only farms Hard Stages during this event:

  • If a player does not refresh Stamina at all, they can farm about 14 Hard Stages three times or 7 Hard Stages six times. This will not cost any Jewels. This will change a bit if they are farming the 20+ Stamina cost stages.

  • Refreshing Stamina 6 times will give the player an extra 720 Stamina, upping their total usable Stamina to 1,482. This will allow them to farm about 27 Hard Stages (out of the total 30 with Map 10) or about 13 Hard Stages six times. This will cost 300 Jewels per day just for Stamina and will change a bit if they are farming the 20+ Stamina cost stages or six attempt farms.

  • Refreshing Stamina 6 times and refreshing Hard Stage attempts (my expectation for a maximum spending a player should ever consider for this type of event) will give the player an extra 720 Stamina (max 1,482) and allow them to farm 13 Hard Stages six times. This will cost 950 Jewels for both Stamina and Hard Mode attempts while also not guaranteeing any specific drops. 

With this in mind:

  • I recommend refreshing Stamina just 3 times. This will allow both unlocking Map 10's Normal and Hard quests while farming the majority of Hard Quest maps.

  • I do not recommend refreshing Hard Mode Attempts unless a player has a specific goal in mind (e.g. 3* Lima for PvP or Waifuism). The 50 Jewel cost is more than the first three Stamina refreshes while still offering the same 50% rate for Character Shards. While the extra equipment is nice, there are no competing events, and this will only save the player time at this point.

Stamina Sources:

  • 240 Stamina over a full server day as passive regeneration.

  • 200 Stamina from Daily Missions.

  • 10 Stamina from Liking a Clan Member.

  • (48 x 3) Stamina from the Dungeon Guild Furniture (approximate).

  • 168 Stamina from the Snack Table (Level 10) (approximate).


Best Uses of the Event

As with any Hard Stage farming, the best benefit will be the increased equipment piece drop chance compared to Normal Stage farming. It's more beneficial to think of Hard Stage farming as for equipment than for Character Shards, as burning 54 to 108 Stamina for zero Shards is a very real (and depressing) possibility.

Refreshing more than 3 times for Stamina is more than likely overkill due to the lack of competing events or publically announced upcoming content. While refreshing Hard Mode attempts might reward extra Shards or equipment at a significant Jewel/Stamina cost, the potential risk of getting nothing for the cost is pretty significant. Map 10 and this event are the only new things to farm at this time and players who spend Jewels to refresh are only gaining time and a small window of increased power while non-refresh players catch up to Level 88 and Rank 8 equipment.

As with any map farming event, I recommend using the Priconne Quest Helper, which players can use to track equipment needs for their specific team. Be sure to set the appropriate Options (Highest Quest Chapter; Legacy Equipment Data) to tailor the information to the global version.