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Little Lyrical Adventures

"Let's go on an adventure!"

March 22, 2021 - April 11, 2021

"Let's go on an adventure!"


Note: this write-up was written using an account at Level 88 with all Main Story nodes cleared. As events scale with progression, this can be assumed to be the hardest difficulty of the even content.

"Little Lyrical Adventures" is Priconne Global's second major event featuring new story content and quests revolving the antics of Kyoka, Mimi, and Misogi! During the event, players will complete quests similar to a Main Story Quest map that will allow them to farm equipment and Character Memory Shards for Mimi and Misogi (not Kyoka).

This is a great opportunity to farm Character Shards to ascend Mimi and Misogi if a player is looking to increase the Power of their roster. Mimi is a great character that can deal surprisingly high amounts of Physical Damage and is a decent pick for Clan Battle parties. Misogi can offer some situational utility in PvP with her Blind and Buffs/Debuffs. 

However, unlike the previous major event, Hatsune's Perfect Present, this event does not allow players to farm the latest Rank 8 tier of equipment from its drop tables. This means that players will have to make a decision on their Stamina usage during this event once they have finished farming the event's daily Hard Stage attempts. Farming a normal event stage will allow for more boss attempts but farming the recently released Map 10 may be a more beneficial usage of Stamina for players looking to Rank 8 their roster.

I personally recommend farming the Hard Stages daily but not using extra Stamina on farming the Normal Stages unless a player is specifically looking to farm Rank 7 equipment pieces. Stamina would be better used on farming Map 10 to empower characters to Rank 8.

The overall approach to this event is straightforward, exhaust each Reward Box of the rewards you want (Character Shards, Jewels, and Divine Amulets for me) and then reset the Box and collect the rewards again. 

The hard version of the boss is deceptively hard unless a party is unable to defeat it after it uses its HP-based party-wide magic attack. The attack that deals about 60% of a character's maximum health and is used around the 0m58 mark. Using characters like Yukari or characters that have significant Magic Defense can help mitigate this damage but the damage itself will scale to a character's maximum HP. Fortunately, the boss' other attacks are relatively weak. The boss features other mechanics such as a targeted Stun on the healthiest character and a rage mechanic once it's below 50% HP.


Boss Strategy


  • Best treated as a standard Clan Battle boss, using a party with Makoto/Jun and physical-based DPS characters will allow the party to defeat the boss shortly after the boss uses its max HP-based party-wide attack, limiting chance of failure. Otherwise, the boss uses relatively weak physical and magic attacks before and after the massive attack. A Tank is not particularly required, but a healer can prevent low-HP characters from taking an unlucky hit.

  • Remember that you can force close your game if your party is not going to defeat the boss to prevent your boss tickets from being used. This can be useful when first testing parties to ensure a 1-battle clear.

Tested teams:

  • F2P with a Lv5X: Yuki-2, Yui-3, Chika-2, Ayane-2 (Level 54), Pecorine-2 at Level 75-88 except Ayane at Level 54, Rank 7 + 5/6 Equipment

  • F2P-viable with 2*'s only: Suzuna-2, Akari-2, Shinobu-2, Pecorine-2, Kaori-2 at Level 75-88, Rank 7 + 6 Equipment

  • Sub-20 seconds: Shiori-3/Yukari-4/Kokkoro-3/Tamaki-3/Makoto-3 at Level 88, Rank 8 + 5 Equipment


  • Name: Alma

  • Level 50

  • HP: 130,000


  • lnflicts Magic Damage to the entire party based on the Character‘s Maximum HP (about 60%).

  • Inflicts Physical Damage to all Front characters.

  • Inflicts Magic Damage to the character with the Highest Remaining HP Based on their Maximum HP and Stuns them. Particularly dangerous after the party-wide attack.

  • When Alma's Health Reaches 50%, it enters a rage phase.


Rewards and Recommendations

Rewards are based on a full clear of Hard Mode and 15 Hard Boss clears. 


  • The Hard Stages maintain their stingy well-below 50% drop chance at Shards. Quite frankly, I'm going to call this at maybe sub 20% based on the initial day of clearing and Hatsune's Perfect Present's drop rate.

  • I recommend pulling at least the Jewels and Divine Amulets from each Reward Lineup. If a player is looking to maximize their value, they can probably skip the Jewels from Lineups 1 and 2 once they've pulled the Amulets and Shards.

Character Shards:

  • Mimi. Players can expect to earn about 90+ Mimi Memory Shards.

  • Misogi. Players can expect to earn about 80+ Misogi Memory Shards.