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Thank You Login Bonus

"One month has already passed us by! Isn’t that crazy?!"

March 4, 2021 - March 14, 2021

"One month has already passed us by! Isn’t that crazy?!"


Crunchyroll is celebrating the wonderful first month of Priconne Global's service with a login bonus event! This event will function similarly to the Jump Start Login Bonus and only require that players log into the game each day over the event's duration. 

In total, players will receive 800,000 Mana, 300 Stamina, and 10 Gacha Tickets per day, up to a total of 8,000,000 Mana, 3,000 Stamina, and 100 Gacha Tickets. The Gacha Tickets do not need to be redeemed immediately and can be saved for upcoming banners. 100 Gacha Tickets covers 1/3 of a single banner's pity rate, allowing F2P and low spending players a very real chance of banking entire rolls for a character they specifically like!


When to spend?

For Mana, players can redeem immediately without concern. 

For Stamina, players may want to save their Stamina in the Presents box until the upcoming March Clan Battle (Beta) to help mitigate the need for spending Jewels to hit the 900 Stamina / day requirement for three CB attempts. There may also be another bonus event starting next week based on expected event timelines.

For Gacha Tickets, I am recommending that most players save their Gacha Tickets in preparation for upcoming character banners. Some characters that will be arriving in the near future will be impactful to certain metas for PvP and other game modes, which can make them extremely helpful.

Naturally, this does not apply if a player's waifu turns up in a banner, then, by all means, go ham and use those tickets!


Reward Expirations

All rewards for this event will seemingly expire on March 15 if left unclaimed in the Presents Box.