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Vampire Hunters with Illya

"Caon catches wind of rumors surrounding a vampire's resurrection, and thus Maho and Kaori rise up to slay the dreaded beast."

April 28, 2021 - May 18, 2021

"Caon catches wind of rumors surrounding a vampire's resurrection, and thus Maho and Kaori rise up to slay the dreaded beast."


Note: this write-up was written using an account at Level 93 with all Main Story nodes cleared. As an event might scale with progression, this can be assumed to be the hardest difficulty of the event content.

"Vampire Hunters with Illya" is Priconne Global's third major event featuring new story content and quests revolving around Illya, Kaori, and Maho! During the event, players will complete quests to farm equipment and Character Memory Shards for Kaori and Maho (not Illya herself, unfortunately).

This is a great opportunity to farm Character Shards to ascend Kaori and Maho. Kaori is a key character for Clan Battle and being able to Ascend her base form from 2* to 3*+ will greatly improve a player's damage in Clan Battle. Maho continues to be a relevant and reliable single-target Healer and general Support who can assist many newer players with PVE content. With Maho being a relatively easy recruit from the Dungeon Shop, this is a great chance to Ascend her from 3* to 4*+.

However, unlike the previous major event, Hatsune's Perfect Present, this event does not allow players to farm the latest Rank 9 tier of equipment from its drop tables. Therefore, unless a player needs to farm Rank 8 or below equipment, it is recommended to only farm the Hard Mode Maps for Maho and Kaori Shards after initially clearing the event maps.

As with the previous events, players should draw from each Reward Box the rewards they want (Character Shards, Jewels, and Divine Amulets for me), then reset the Box, and collect the rewards again. Boxes 3 and 4 will offer the most value for Victory Medals and are recommended to exhaust

The hard version of the boss can be somewhat difficult as it uses a combination of both HP percentage attacks as well as large group damage attacks, which can quickly wipe up underleveled or weaker parties. The attack that deals about 45% of a character's maximum health and is used around the one-minute mark. The boss features other mechanics such as a group Stun on the healthiest character and a rage mechanic once it is below 50% HP.


Boss Strategy


  • Can be quickly dispatched using standard physical damage Clan Battle parties.

  • On-demand healing such as from Yui can easily save a weaker party from being wiped.

  • Miyako is beneficial here as her skillset will allow her to tank everything the boss can do pretty well at 2/3* Ascension.

Tested teams:

  • F2P-Friendly: Yui-3, Shiori-4, Kokkoro-3, Pecorine-2, Miyako-3. All characters at Level 88 Equipment Rank 8-6 except for Shiori at Level 93 Rank 9-3.

  • Sub-20 seconds: Shiori-4/Monika-4/Makoto-4/Kaori-3/Jun-3 at Level 93, Rank 9-3 Equipment

  • 30 Second "Illya ****ing Dies": Kyoka-5/Akari-5/Saren-4/Illya-3/Shizuru-3 at Level 93, Rank 9-3 except for Illya, Level 93 Rank 8-1. Illya still did 50% of Kyoka's damage.


  • Name: Garoog

  • Level 50

  • HP: 170,000


  • Deals moderate physical damage to all enemies, based on each character's maximum HP [45%].

  • Deals moderate physical damage to [3] enemies in an area around the rearguard and inflicts Stun for [1.5 seconds].

  • Deals moderate physical damage to an enemy second from the front.

  • When Garoog's own HP falls below 50%, its attacks become even more intense.


Rewards and Recommendations

Rewards are based on a full clear of Hard Mode and 15 Hard Boss clears. 


  • The Hard Stages maintain the event stingy drop chance at Shards. 

  • I recommend pulling at least the Jewels and Divine Amulets from each Reward Lineup. If a player is looking to maximize their value, they can probably skip the Jewels from Lineups 1 and 2 once they've pulled the Amulets and Shards.

Character Shards:

  • Maho. Players can expect to earn at least 90+ Maho Memory Shards.

  • Kaori. Players can expect to earn about 72+ Kaori Memory Shards.

  • "+" refers to extra Shards obtained from Hard Mode clears or the Boss.

What if Maho is already 5*?

  • If a player has already 5*'d Maho (or any character for that matter) and receives Shards for that character from an event, those Shards are not wasted and will be used for future gameplay updates.