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Premium Gacha

The Premium Gacha is a lottery that primarily uses Jewels (Free and Premium/Paid) to participate in recruiting new characters into the player's roster. It is the primary way for players to get new characters to use in Priconne. The Premium Gacha is permanently available and is casually known as the "Permanent Banner."  There is also a Normal Gacha that provides players with Equipment Pieces and Character Memory Shards that can be pulled twice per day.


Players have three options when pulling on the Premum Gacha: a reduced cost Premium Jewel Only pull called "Daily Deal"; a Free and Premium Jewel1 Draw or "Single" pull; and a Free and Premium Jewel 10x Draw (commonly known as a Multi or 10x pull). The Daily Deal costs 50 Premium Jewels and cannot be covered whatsoever with Free Jewels. The Draw 1 or single pull can be covered using 150 Free or Premium Jewels as well as Premium Gacha Tickets. The Draw 10 or Multi pull can be covered using 1,500 Free or Premium Jewels.

Premium Gacha Rates and the Draw 10 Guaranteed 2*

Rates are publically listed and are as follows:

Single Pulls (i.e. not a Draw 10 Multi):

The odds of pulling any 3* Character is 2.5%; 2* Character is 18%; and 1* Character is 79.5%.

The odds of pulling a specific 3* Character is approximately 0.1923%;  2* at 1.2% and 1* at 7.95%.

When attempting a Draw 10 Multi:

The first 9 pulls follow the same rate pattern as above.

However, for the tenth pull of a Draw 10 Multi, the odds increase as follows:

The odds of pulling any 3* Character is 2.5%; 2* Character is 97.5%; and 1* Character is 0% (Not Possible).

The odds of pulling a specific 3* Character is approximately 0.1923%;  2* at 6.5% and 1* at 0% (Not Possible).

Rates above are directly pulled from in-game during the Soft Launch period with a pull of 38 Characters. Subject to change over time.


The Premium Gacha (Permanent Banner) screen. The player has a Premium Gacha Ticket which covers the cost of a single 150 Jewel pull.

Jewels (Free and Premium)

Outside of the Daily Deal which only uses Premium Jewels, Draw 1 and Draw 10 both use a player's Free Jewels (and will use any Premium Jewels if a player does not have enough Free Jewels).


Free Jewels are earned in many ways such as Story Quest 3-Star Rewards, viewing Stories, First Time Rank Rewardsin Battle Arena and Princess Arena, and more. 


Premium Jewels can be purchased using real world currency.

Limited-Time Character Gacha

Limited-time Character Gacha banners are a future feature in Priconne Global. These banners are expected to function similarly to the Premium Gacha / Permanent Banner but offer a specific Character as "rated up." Rated up characters have a higher than normal chance at being drawn. Once future details are confirmed, this section will be updated.



Normal Gacha

The Normal Gacha is a completely free lottery available to all players. The Normal Gacha is available twice at a day and resets at 01:00 PM and 08:00 PM UTC on the global server. Players are able to obtain both Equipment PIeces and Character Memory Shards from the Normal Gacha. The exact rates for any particular drop are not listed.


Normal Gacha ready to be pulled on by a player. Note the Reset Timer which informs players when their next pull is available.


A particularly good pull on the Normal Gacha with a 2x Character Memory Shard pull. Results may vary.