"Enhance your skills and fell even the most powerful foes...!" - Kokkoro, on Mana


Mana is a primary resource in Priconne that is used for buying items from the Normal and Bonus Shops, Refining Equipment, Leveling Skills and Union Bursts, and Ascending Characters. Mana is mostly gained through completing the Grotto's Mana QuestsDungeon attempts, the Guildhouse,  completing Daily Missions, and through the Mana Exchange. Mana is essential to progression and knowing how to effectively spend it will be important to success!



Major Sources of Mana

  • Grotto Mana Quests. Players are able to attempt the Grotto two times per day (up to five times with the Grotto Attempts +3 microtransaction). Grotto Mana Quests reward a large amount of Mana that scale based on the difficulty level of the Mana Quest.

    • Mana Quest Level 1 - [X] Mana ​

    • Mana Quest Level 2 - [X] Mana

    • Mana Quest Level 3 - [X] Mana

    • Mana Quest Level 4 - [X] Mana

    • Mana Quest Level 5 - 180,000 Mana

  • Dungeon Attempts. Mana is rewarded after every Dungeon battle and a large amount is awarded for a Boss defeat. Mana gains can be doubled through the purchase of a Daily Jewel Pack alongside all other Dungeon rewards.

    • Cloudtop Peak (Easy) - average Mana gain of [to be determined].​

    • Deepwood Oak (Hard) - average Mana gain of [to be determined].​

    • Sheercliff Ruins (Very Hard) - average Mana gain of 719,000.​

  • Guildhouse. The Mana Creation Device produces Mana every 6 hours that be collected in the Guildhouse.

    • Level 01 - 3,000 Mana / 6 Hours with a Maximum Storage of 12,000.

    • Level 02 - 4,500 Mana / 6 Hours with a Maximum Storage of 18,000.

    • Level 03 - 6,000 Mana / 6 Hours with a Maximum Storage of 24,000.

    • Level 04 - 7,500 Mana / 6 Hours with a Maximum Storage of 30,000.

    • Level 05 - 10,500 Mana / 6 Hours with a Maximum Storage of 42,000.

    • Level 06 - 13,500 Mana / 6 Hours with a Maximum Storage of 54,000.

    • Level 07 - 16,500 Mana / 6 Hours with a Maximum Storage of 66,000.

    • Level 08 - 21,000 Mana / 6 Hours with a Maximum Storage of 84,000.

    • Level 09 - 25,500 Mana / 6 Hours with a Maximum Storage of 102,000.

    • Level 10 - 30,000 Mana / 6 Hours with a Maximum Storage of 120,000.

  • Daily Missions. Certain Daily Missions reward Mana. One Daily Mission is also tied to using the Mana Exchange.

    • Clean Main or event quests 10 times - 30,000 Mana​

    • Clear a Dungeon battle 1 time - 30,000 Mana

    • Participate in the Battle Arena 1 time - 80,000 Mana

    • Participate in the Princess Arena 1 time - 140,000 Mana

    • Like a Clan Member, 1,500 Mana

  • Mana Exchange. The Mana Exchange allows players to exchange Jewels (Free and Premium) for Mana and a chance at Divine Amulets and Character Shards. Mana purchases scale in value and cost as players use the Mana Exchange. Further details on the Mana Exchange below.​



Minor Sources of Mana

  • Main Story Quests. Players are rewarded a small bit of Mana for a successful quest attempt​ in the Main Story. While these rewards can eventually add up to be substantial, the Stamina cost and time commitment make this a lesser method of Mana generation.

  • Daily Login Reward. Kokkoro will provide the player with a small amount of Mana every few weeks as part of their daily login bonus.​


Mana Exchange

Players can access the Mana Exchange by either clicking on the " + " symbol near their Mana counter or by accessing it through the Main Menu. The Mana Exchange allows a player to spend Jewels to purchase Mana directly. Each purchase of Mana also has a chance at giving the player Divine Amulets and even Character Memory Shards at a rate that scales higher (as with the price) with more daily purchases.

The first Mana Exchange purchase is at an objectively reduced cost of 10 Jewels (Free or Premium). Purchasing Mana is also tied to a Daily Mission that rewards a small amount of Player EXP. It is a topic of debate on whether the Mana Exchange is worth doing, especially every day. Arguably, 10 Free Jewels are relatively nothing in terms of a cost per day even for a fully free / no spending player. The extra Player EXP and chance at a Divine Amulet will eventually add up to be a significant amount of progression. On the other hand, 15 days of the 10 Free Jewel cost do add up to a single pull, which can be helpful especially with Limited-Time Gacha Banners.


Personally, I recommend buying the first Mana Exchange pull for 10 Jewels until Players hit the level cap unless they do not mind the extra time it will take to hit the level cap. The extra EXP does add up and the extra Divine Amulets help with justifying the cost. However, determine the best method for you based on your overall goals (e.g. Pulls, Stamina Refreshes, etc.)


A player gets a Divine Amulet on the 10 Jewel Mana Exchange purchase.


Publically posted rates for the Mana Exchange as of January 16, 2021.