"Think carefully when spending Jewels. Don't waste them!" - Karyl, on Jewels



Princess Connect! Re:Dive, like many other mobile gacha games, offers a number of "in-app purchases" (referred to on this site as microtransaction) that players can purchase using real world currency for particular benefits and perks. There are three standard microtransactions that Priconne offers: Premium Jewels, the Daily Jewel Pack, and the Grotto Attempts +3. This page covers these three offerings, their advertised benefit, and some basic thoughts on the perceived value. One-off purchases (e.g. time-limited new player purchase and the Goddess' Blessing) are covered at the end of the article.

Note: I do not know your financial situation. Spend responsibly and understand your limits. While Priconne is known for being a relatively free-to-play or low spender friendly game, any game that offers microtransactions can be very costly if unchecked.


The microtransactions offered by Princess Connect! Re:Dive Global as of January 26, 2021. Prices in USD from North America.


Premium Jewels

Premium Jewels function for the most part similar to the Free Jewels that are given by the game through Story Mode, Battle Arena, and from watching Stories. The game will always use Free Jewels before using Paid Jewels unless the Player is using the pulling on the "Daily Deal" Gacha,  in which case only Premium Jewels can be used. Premium Jewels will be included in a player's overall Jewel counter (shown on multiple screens) and players can see their respective counts either on the Gacha screen or by using the "Check Jewels Held" button in the Main Menu.

Outside of pulling for characters in the Gacha, Jewels are also used to use the Mana Exchange, Recharge Stamina, and Expand Clan Storage (feature currently not in use). These options are available conveniently as you play the game (e.g. attempting to run a Story Quest without enough Stamina will prompt a Stamina Recharge) but can also be accessed through the Main Menu.


A player checks their Premium and Free Jewel counts.


Daily Jewel Pack

The Daily Jewel Pack is a microtransaction that provides players with Jewels, Skip Tickets, and a 2x Dungeon Drop perk that lasts for thirty days. The 2x Dungeon Drop perk applies to everything that a player can earn in a Dungeon, including Dungeon Coins, Mana, Character Memory Shards, and Equipment Pieces. The 2x Drops perk can significantly increase the rate that players can recruit characters and ascend them through the Dungeon Coin Shop, especially if a player can clear the Very Hard Dungeon.

Note that you have to claim the Pack's daily contents through your Daily Missions screen. If you do not claim the contents for the day you will receive the missed Free Jewels at the end of the 30 day period. However, any Skip Tickets will be forfeit.

Personally, I recommend buying Daily Jewel Pack once you've unlocked the Very Hard Dungeon and can at least clear the Floors and if you want to seriously increase your account's progression. The extra Mana, Character Shards, and Dungeon Coins easily make up the relatively low cost of the microtransaction. Again, spend at your own discretion.


Grotto Attempts +3

The Grotto Attempts +3 microtransaction does exactly what it sends on the tin and allows players to do 5 Grotto Quests per day instead of 2 (five EXP Quests and five Mana Quests total). This perk applies immediately after purchase. Extra attempts will not carry over to subsequent days. There are two variants of this perk at a 7 day period and a 30 day period, most likely to cater to a player's needs.

Personally, I do not recommend buying the Grotto +3 perk. While EXP and Mana is always needed, the cost does not justify the benefit for me personally. I think if I cared about leveling many characters quickly, then it might be more worthwhile. Again, spend at your own discretion.


Daily Deal - 500 Jewels

The 500 Jewel Daily Deal is currently priced at 3.99 USD which gives it an effective efficiency of 125 Jewels per USD. This makes it a cost-efficient purchase against the majority of non-limited microtransactions. It is not known if this pack will be available for recurring purchases or if it will only be available for the first week of account creation.

Personally, I would only recommend purchasing this pack if you truly like the game after the first week or are already planning on spending later down the line. The initial price is very attractive but not worth spending if you are not certain about playing the game for a long time. The 500 Jewels can be easily obtained during the first week of play, so play the game more during that first week to get more experience with the game.

Daily Jewels.png

Goddess' Blessing

The Goddess' Blessing costs 3.99 USD and provides 50 Premium Jewels, 40 Divine Amulets, and 2,000,000 Premium Mana (Mana that is spent after Free Mana but currently offers no particular purpose). Taking just the Premium Jewels into account, this purchase is obviously not worth the investment. However, the Divine Amulets make this pack extremely interesting.

A single pull on the Premium Gacha costs 150 Free/Premium Jewels and will most likely result in a duplicate 1* character, who is worth 1 Divine Amulet. When doing a Draw 10 Multi Pull, a 2* or 3* character is also guaranteed. That means the 40 Divine Amulets is similar to drawing 40 1* characters worth of pulls, not accounting for the Draw 10 Multi bonus. This makes this pack very valuable as the 40 Amulets can be converted into 20 Character Memory Shards for two characters or 30 Character Memory Shards for one character due to the scaling cost of Shards in the Shop. At 3.99 USD, combined with the trivial Premium Jewels and (ultimately extraneous) Mana, this pack is a very attractive offer. That being said, almost every character's Memory Shards can be farmed relatively simply, so this microtransaction is more of a shortcut than a true necessity.

Personally, I would recommend purchasing this pack if you need an immediate boost to a Character's Memory Shards for an Ascension Level, particularly if the character in question has a difficult to farm Shard (e.g. Makoto to 4*). I would not recommend purchasing this for any character that can be farmed quickly in Hard Mode or from game mode rewards (e.g. Yukari from Dungeon Coins) unless you are very impatient. Many parts of Priconne are a marathon, not a sprint, and this pack is nothing more than a quick gel carb-boost at a watering station.

Goddess' Blessing.png
Goddess' Blessing Contents.png