Player Level and Progression

Literally no character comments on Stamina and I think that's weird.


Player level represents, well, the player's overall progress through Princess Connect. Increasing player level will also increase the maximum level for characters, character skills, maximum Stamina, and Guildhouse furniture. Player level is increased through accumulating Player EXP, which is gained from Main Story Quests and Daily Missions.



What does Player Level affect?

  • Character Levels. Character level is tied to player level. This also means that a character's skill is tied to both player and character levels, as a skill cannot be a higher level than a character level.

    • For example, a level 50 player can only level Hatsune to level 50, and Hatsune's Union Burst can be leveled from 1 to 50. ​

  • Maximum Stamina​. As player level increases, so will their maximum Stamina limit.

  • Guildhouse Furniture. All of the starting furniture in the Guildhouse can be leveled up every 10 player levels. Leveling up this furniture will cost the player Rupies (currency specifically for Guildhouse furniture) and some time.



Gaining Player EXP

  • Main story Quests. As players attempt quests for equipment and to unlock more stories, they will gain Player EXP for every successful quest. EXP gained is equal to the amount of Stamina consumed per quest at a 1:1 ratio.

  • Daily Missions. Players can receive Player EXP from the completion of certain Daily Missions. Note that the Mana Exchange Daily Mission does require 10 Jewels (Free or Premium) in order to complete and may not be worth the potential loss of Jewels for some players.​ ​Clearing all relevant Daily Missions will reward the player with 270 Player EXP.

    • Clear Main or Event Quests 10 Times

      •  30 Player EXP and 30,000 Mana, 10 Free Jewels

    • Clear Main or Event Quests (Hard) 3 Times

      • 40 Player EXP and 2 EXP Potions, 10 Free Jewels

    • Draw the Normal Gacha 10 Times (e.g. one pull)

      • 20 Player EXP

    • Purchase Mana 1 Time

      • 20 Player EXP

    • Enhance a Character's Skills 1 Time

      • 25 Player EXP

    • Refine an Equipment Item and Increase its Star-Rating by 1

      • 25 Player EXP and 3x Small Refinement Crystals

    • Clear Grotto 4 Times

      • 30 Player EXP; 2 EXP Potions; 500 Rupies

    • Clear a Dungeon Battle 1 Time

      • 40 Player EXP and 30,000 Mana, 500 Rupies

    • Participate in the Battle Arena 1 Time

      • 40 Player EXP and 80,000 Mana, 2 EXP Potions