Rerolling Guide

How to reroll for a better start in Priconne


This guide will outline 4 different reroll milestones, assuming a player starts with a freshly downloaded app on the phone or emulator. Items that are specifically tied to launch bonuses are highlighted in orange.

  1. Complete the tutorial, the tutorial will feature a Gacha pull that will always give you a 3-Star character. ​

    • The first Battle Tutorial can be skipped by clicking on "Menu" in the top-right.​

    • Story content can also be skipped using the Menu and "Skip."

    • Cutscene content can be skipped by tapping on the cutscene and Skipping.

    • There are multiple large downloaded files throughout the tutorial.

      • If you are on Bluestacks, you might be able to just delete your reroll data, bypassing the need to redownload these files.

  2. If desired, you can link your Priconne account to a Crunchyroll Account, which will give you 2,000 more Free Jewels (13 Pulls).

    • On the main screen, click on Menu, then "Account Link," and link to a Crunchyroll account. As of the soft launch, this account link can be instantly removed without losing the 2,000 Jewel gift. This allows you to use one Crunchyroll account across every reroll.

  3. Collect any rewards from your Presents Box on the main screen.

  4. If desired, play through the Story Main Quests, watch/skip game Stories content to your desired point for more Free Jewels.

  5. Use obtained Jewels for Gacha pulls as desired.

    • There is a one-time bonus of 3,100  Jewels, which will provide two more Multi-pulls.​

    • The Jump Start Login bonus will also provide 100 Jewels.

    • If everything is used, then you should have at least 5,200 Jewels, allowing for a minimum of  three 10 Pull Multis to start.

Bluestacks Tweaker - Delete Reoll Data

If you know how to use BlueStacks Tweaker, then you are able to use it to delete your reroll data and bypass the need to redownload the tutorial and game files for each reroll attempt. I did this by deleting the "shared_prefs" folder available in the following directory: " /data/data/com.crunchyroll.princessconnectredive "



Reroll Targets

First, "Waifu is Laifu" is still the main rule.


However, I would recommend pulling for a combination of the following characters for an overall good start. Every character in Priconne has their own specific purposes or roles, but the following characters will be exceptional in that regard.


Makoto (3*)

Makoto is considered the "best" pull from many community tier lists and veteran players. She has access to a Physical Defense shred skill that will be extremely useful for game modes such as Clan Battle. She is also relatively difficult to obtain for free if not pulled from the gacha.


Nozomi (3*)

Nozomi is an excellent Front-line character that can taunt enemies, heal her allies, and stun enemies all on her own. A properly leveled Nozomi can easily help players clear content and is a great support character for your Clan members.


Maho (3*)

Maho is an excellent healer, buffer, and debuffer character that can add value to any party composition. Also useful in PvP modes as her blind can nullify a priority target.


Monika (3*)

Monika is an excellent generalist for the PvP game modes of Battle Arena and Princess Arena. She can speed up her allies attack speed and buff their attack stats. She also provides a decent amount of damage on her own.


Tamaki (2*)

Tamaki is a great PvP unit for Battle Arena and Princess Arena. Her skills allow her to deal massive damage to the strongest magical threat on the field. A team built around Tamaki can bring you great success!


Miyako (2*)

Miyako is an excellent front-line tank for physical and considered by many to be the best tank currently in the game. While she will falter when facing magic attacking characters, she can be paired with the starter Pericone for great success in Story Quests.


Yukari (1*)

Yukari is a great generalist character that can be placed into almost any party. She can both heal HP and restore TP for Union Bursts and provides a team-wide shield against magic threats. She is also easy to ascend with rewards from the Dungeon game mode.


Lima (1*)

Lima is a great PvP tank character that has the unique trait of forcing your opponents to group closer when she joins the battle. While not great in Story content, you will see Lima many times in the Arena. Just don't call her a monster, she's a pretty gal.