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Bonus Shop


The Bonus Shop is available to players after cleaning Main Story Quest 4-13. The shop offers a selection of Equipment Pieces and EXP Potions that can be purchased with Mana. Equipment is random and may or may not be used by a player's unlocked characters. The Bonus Shop can only appear to a player 5 times per day and each instance will only remain available to players for 10 minutes.

Bonus Shop



Mana is obtained in many ways in Priconne. The majority of Mana will be earned in a Grotto Mana Quests and daily Dungeon attempts. Players will also receive a decent amount of Mana from completion of their Daily Missions. Additional Mana can be purchased using Jewels in the Mana Exchange, which will also provide players with Skip Tickets and some Divine Amulets.

Mana is also used in almost every progression mechanic, such as refining equipment, leveling skills, and buying items.

Notable Purchases

The equipment pieces that can appear in the Bonus Shop may be of any rarity. This can include Gold-tier equipment that can be difficult to farm effectively. 


I recommend purchasing the entirety of the Bonus Shop every time it appears. At a typical max cost of about 30,000 Mana, the potential Stamina and time saved from having to obtain an equipment piece makes the Bonus Shop an unbelievable value over the long term. The additional EXP Potions, while the same cost as the Normal Shop's Potions, will also be helpful for long term players as they look to expand their character rosters.