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Clan Shop


The Clan Shop allows players to spend Clan Coins which are earned from the Clan Battle game mode. The shop offers unique Character Memory Shards and equipment pieces. Clan Coins are only obtainable during Clan Battle events, making these Coins and the shop's Character Memory Shards particularly difficult to obtain compared to other shops.

Clan Shop


Clan Coins

Clan Coins are obtained in the Clan Battle game mode from: defeating CB Bosses, earning a particular Clan Rank throughout the event, and outranking your own Clan member's damage output per boss. Overall, Clans will earn relatively few Clan Coins compared to other shop currencies.

Clan Battles are expected to be a monthly event, making recruiting characters from the Clan Shop alone a very long process.

Notable Purchases

The following characters' Memory Shards are primarilly obtained through the Clan Shop. It is highly recommended to only purchase Character Memory Shards from the Clan Shop, as equipment is much easier/possible to obtain from simply clearing Main Story Quests rather than using the extremely precious Clan Coins.

Clan Shop Characters (800 Coins for 5 Memory Shards):


I recommend using your first Clan Coins on the following:

  • Recruiting Makoto. Makoto is a bit special as she is an essential character in Clan Battles herself due to her physical defense shred skills. Players unable to pull Makoto from the Gacha and wanting to excel in Clan Battles will want to recruit Makoto ASAP from their Clan Coins rewards. This will allow the player to not have to rely on Support Makoto's and allow more party flexibility.