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Divine Amulet Shop


The Divine Amulet Shop is immediately available to all players. The shop allows the exchanging of Divine Amulets for specific Character Memory Shards. Players must first recruit the Character before the Character's Memory Shards are available for exchange in the shop. Character Memory Shards increase in price after certain thresholds ranging from 1 Divine Amulet per Shard to 5 Divine Amulets after 100 Character Shard purchases. Divine Amulets are available from various game features, such as Mana Purchasing and Gacha.

Divine Amulet Shop


Divine Amulets

Divine Amulets are obtained from pulling duplicate characters in the Gacha and purchasing Mana from the Mana Exchange. The Gacha will provide more Divine Amulets for higher rarity duplicate pulls, with a 1* providing 1 Amulet; 2* providing 10; and a 3* providing 50.

Purchasing Character Memory Shards with Divine Amulets is unique in that the cost increases after every 20 purchased Shards. This increases to a maximum of 5 Divine Amulets after purchasing 80 Shards. This increase applies to characters individually.

Notable Purchases

As Character Memory Shards are only available after recruiting a character, it is highly recommended to save Divine Amulets for characters that are currently only obtainable from the Gacha or are otherwise limited (e.g. Seasonal variants). 


Due to the price increases, characters that can be freely farmed (e.g. from Hard Mode, Battle Arena, Princess Arena, etc.) should be farmed from their respective sources before players buy their Shards from the Divine Amulet Shop. The Divine Amulet Shop can be used when players need an immediate increase in Character Shards (e.g. a few off from a critical PvP Character ascension level) and almost never as the first source of Shards.