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Normal Shop


The Normal Shop is available immediately to all players. The shop offers EXP and Refinement materials that scale in both rarity and price to Player Level (e.g. Small and Medium Refinement Crystals are eventually replaced with Medium and Large Crystals). The shop's currency is Mana and it can be instantly refreshed for an initial cost of 100,000 Mana.

Normal Shop



Mana is obtained in many ways in Priconne. The majority of Mana will be earned in a Grotto Mana Quests and daily Dungeon attempts. Players will also receive a decent amount of Mana from completion of their Daily Missions. Additional Mana can be purchased using Jewels in the Mana Exchange, which will also provide players with Skip Tickets and some Divine Amulets.

Mana is also used in almost every progression mechanic, such as refining equipment, leveling skills, and buying items.

Notable Purchases

The Normal Shop is the most effective way of obtaining EXP Potions and Refinement Crystals, which are otherwise only provided in limited and lesser quality amounts from various game mode rewards.


As players level and expand their character rosters, Character EXP will eventually outscale the amount of EXP Potions a player receives naturally from Quests or the Grotto. Therefore, if a player has enough Mana to spare, I would recommend that they purchase at least the EXP Potions daily.

Refinement Crystals are currently less necessary unless a player is planning on max refining every character or refines characters across multiple Ranks. However, as this is a costly and ultimately inefficient approach to refinement, it is not recommended. It is recommended to purchase Refinement Crystals only when necessary or in preparation of level cap / max Rank increases.