"I think I must've had a good dream. You were there."


"A super-powered girl who works best from the rearguard in anti-physical parties. Her skills ensnare entire parties of physical attackers, allowing everyone to punish them to maximum effect."

Story Summaries

Episode 1: "Hatsune's Super Secret"

Sleeping beauty Hatsune saves a child with magic Yuuki had never seen before. Realizing her secret is out, she asks him to keep quiet about it, then takes another trip to dreamland thanks to said magic tiring her out.

Episode 2: "Sleeping Beauty‘s Hazy Adventure"

Hatsune's powers activate while she's asleep, causing her to float across town. Though trouble arises from it, Yuuki steps in to keep her safe, and Hatsune thanks him after waking up.

Episode 3: "Wait for Me, Shiorin"

On her way to see her sister at the farm, Hatsune runs into countless people who need her help. Hatsune uses her superpowers and falls asleep, but Yuuki carries her the rest of the way to see her sister.

Episode 4: "Hatsune's Creed"

While out shopping, Hatsune and Yuuki are drawn into a dream. In it, Hatsune is tempted to use her powers for selfish reasons. When she awakens, she is tempted once more by the lottery ticket in her hand.

Episode 5: "Afternoon Power Nap"

Hatsune uses her powers to escape from a large group of monsters with Yuuki. After a quick power nap in a field, Hatsune uses her powers to send some monsters flying, accidentally sending Yuuki with them.

Episode 6: "Sleepless Beauty"

Shiori tells Hatsune the story of Sleeping Beauty, which makes Hatsune fantasize about Yuuki kissing her in her sleep. Of course, this doesn’t happen, and Hatsune spends the day red-faced and panicked over nothing.

Episode 7: "Landosol's Last Day"

Hatsune has a prophetic dream that a meteor will come crashing into Landosol. When she wakes up at full power, she is determined to stop it. With Yuuki's help, they destroy the meteor.

Episode 8: "I'm Gonna Eat You!"

Hatsune and Yuuki have another dream, in which Hatsune is choosing a souvenir at a zoo gift shop for her sister. When Yuuki buys her a gift, she gives him a kiss on the cheek. When they wake up, Hatsune is bright red.