"There‘s nothing to stop me from having barbecues or dancing on my own, but it's so much better if I share the fun with you!"


"A tropical girl who racks up damage on the front lines. After she uses her Mental Focus skill, subsequent attacks will stack up their effects, dealing more and more damage."

Story Summaries

Episode 1: "A Very Tropical Girl"

While out on patrol for her guild, Caon, Kaori spots what looks like a goya melon hanging from a tree, and climbs effortlessly up to retrieve it. When Yuuki passes down below, she calls out to him to ask for his help.

Episode 2: "The Taste of Home"

Kaori cooks the goya-looking vegetable right then and there, and serves some to Yuuki as a taste-test, but it doesn't taste quite the same as the goya melons from Kaori's homeland. Suddenly, bandits appear, and the two of them are forced to fight to defend their food.

Episode 3: "Peace Offering"

The bandits are powerless in the face of Kaori's karate. But it turns out it was the bandits' boss who was growing the goya-like vegetables. The boss is thrilled by the dishes Kaori

cooked, and stops the fighting so that everyone can enjoy Kaori's cooking together.

Episode 4: "A Home Away From Home"

Ameth uses her power to show Yuuki and Kaori a dream of another world. In the dream, Kaori arrives in Tokyo from Okinawa to enter a national karate tournament. She's quite particular about her local cuisine, so she brought her grandma's family sauce.

Episode 5: "Barbecue Buddies"

One day, a hungry Kaori runs into Yuuki, and they decide to go to a barbecue restaurant. Yuuki doesn't have any cash on him, but Kaori offers to pay as thanks for the help he gave her before.

Episode 6: "Volcanic Picnic"

Yuuki works hard to repay Kaori for the barbecue meal she treated him to. He and Kaori explore Mount Verio, where they find a rare form of charcoal and use it to cook a hearty,  meaty lunch.

Episode 7: "An Open-Air Lullaby"

Yuuki is injured fighting the monsters on Mount Verio, so Kaori carries him down to safety. It's a long way to the city, so they have to camp outdoors, but Kaori doesn't seem to mind at all, and starts happily humming a lullaby from her homeland.

Episode 8: "A Terrible Thing to Lose"

Ameth shows Yuuki and Kaori another dream of a different world, in which Kaori climbs a tree in pursuit of a cat that stole her pouch. As Yuuki looks on, he's shocked to realize that Kaori isn't wearing any underwear.