"Grrr! Which do you care about more?! Miyako or pudding?! ...You love both? Wow!"


"A ghostly girl who stands on the front lines and dodges enemy attacks. When she transforms into a ghost, no attacks can hit her, and her Union Burst lets her turn the enemy into pudding and eat them!"

Story Summaries

Episode 1: "Beware of Hungry Ghosts"

After buying some delicious pudding for his friends, Yuuki finds himself haunted by a young hungry ghost named Miyako. He eventually gives in and gives her the pudding she desires, but this only encourages her to return in search of more pudding from that day on.

Episode 2: "Pudding, Pudding, Pudding!"

Miyako tries to get pudding from Yuuki with her powers of possession, but notices that he actually bought some for her already. She lets him go, and they eat the pudding together like civilized people.

Episode 3: "The Secret History of Ghosts"

Yuuki learns that Miyako doesn't remember why she became a ghost, so he decides to help her find out. All their efforts prove useless, but Miyako enjoys spending time with Yuuki regardless.

Episode 4: "Smells Like School Spirits"

Miyako follows Yuuki to school and begs him for pudding all day, until he finally agrees to buy her some. At this point they wake up from Ameth's dream, but Miyako is happy just to have been able to go to school with Yuuki.

Episode 5: "Memories Reawakened"

One day, Miyako suddenly claims to have remembered her past. She explains all sorts of details, but all of them turn out to be cunning ploys to convince Yuuki to buy pudding. Her tricks exposed, Miyako promptly runs away.

Episode 6: "The Path of Pudding"

Yuuki and Miyako are stranded in a cave. At first Miyako is happy for Yuuki to die so she can have another ghost friend. But when she realizes that would leave nobody to buy her pudding, she decides one ghost is more than enough!

Episode 7: "Time to Say Goodbye?!"

One day when Yuuki is playing with Miyako, her body starts to fade away. Realizing she must be passing on, she confesses her true feelings... But after eating some pudding, she feels better than ever. Maybe she'll be sticking around for a while yet!

Episode 8: "Homemade Pudding Paradise"

Miyako can't get her hands on any pudding, so Yuuki agrees to make her some—in a bucket! Miyako is thrilled with the outcome, but they wake up from Ameth's dream before she can eat it all. The two of them resolve to try their hand at making a bucketful of pudding in Landosol, too!