"There were a couple of times I thought I might quit being an idol if you wanted me to."


"An idol who fights from the vanguard, protecting others. Once on stage, she greatly boosts the attack power of allies while drawing all enemy attacks to herself."

Story Summaries

Episode 1: "Chasing a Dream"

Yuuki unsheathes his sword to help a girl being chased by men. The girl, however, is actually the idol Nozomi, and the men chasing her are her fans. Though confused, Nozomi is grateful to the man who helped her—a man who didn't even know she was an idol.

Episode 2: "The Landosol Diet"

Nozomi shows up in full armor. She tells Yuuki she has gained weight, and the two attempt a diet that fails. However. when Nozomi's armor falls off, he reassures her that she hasn't gained weight and is cute as ever.

Episode 3: "Red Riding Revisited"

Nozomi gets Yuuki to help her rehearse for a role. A kissing scene. however, causes her to panic. It turns out she has picked up the wrong script; Nozomi gets flustered as she imagines herself kissing him.

Episode 4: "All Smoke, No Fire"

Yuuki and Nozomi dream they are in another world. As the two meet. the TV reports on her love life. Nozomi explains it is false, only for those around them to mistake them for lovers. The two flee in a hurry.

Episode 5: "Lyrical Love Letter"

Nozomi asks Yuuki for advice on the lyrics to her new song. As it‘s a love song, the two decide to try a practice date. While planning the date, Nozomi comes to understand the feeling of unrequited love.

Episode 6: "To See You Smile"

Nozomi helps Yuuki finish his work early so he can come to watch her concert. He makes it to the venue in time, and Nozomi is able to give a heartfelt performance of the love song she wrote for him.

Episode 7: "Secrets of the Trade"

The two go out together, but Nozomi is again the subject of unwanted attention. Once they are alone, she tries to convey her feelings. but—believing Yuuki wants her to stay an idol—she hesitates.

Episode 8: "A Birthday for Two"

In Ameth's other "dream" world, Nozomi regrets missing Yuuki's birthday. She instead announces they will celebrate it that very day. However, the cake cutting evokes wedding connotations which causes her to blush.