"Hee hee. At the rate I'm going, I'll hit the bull's—eye on your heart soon, big bro!"


"A little sister-type archer who rains arrows on foes from the rearguard. Has stackable skills that boost critical hit rate, enhancing Union Bursts that deal multiple hits."

Story Summaries

Episode 1: "Rags to Britches"

While visiting a thrift store, Rino bumps into Yuuki, who was like a big brother to her when she was little. Though her guildmaster has instructed her to avoid direct contact, she's so thrilled at their unexpected reunion that she ends up talking to him at length.

Episode 2: "A Little Learning Is an Arduous Thing"

Rino runs into Yuuki again and explains that she's studying to get into a fashion design school. Since Yuuki has no memories, she invites him to study with her, and gets nostalgic about when they used to study together in their younger days.

Episode 3: "If at Last You Don't Succeed..."

Rino is depressed after failing her exam due to a silly mistake. In an attempt to cheer her up, Yuuki offers to treat her to a meal as thanks for her help with his studies. Rino is grateful for the gesture.

Episode 4: "A Real Worrysport"

While feasting on sweet treats with Rino, Yuuki finds himself enveloped in a strange light, and dreams of another world. In the dream, he wipes away the tears of a crying Rino, and cheers her up. When he wakes up, he finds Rino's spirits have recovered in real life, too.

Episode 5: "A Stitch in Thyme"

Rino tries to retrieve a rare plant that produces a valuable dye, but struggles to reach its precarious location. With the help of Yuuki who happens to wander by, she tries to retrieve it with an arrow, but messes up. But by a lucky coincidence, the arrow hooks onto the plant, and the operation is a success.

Episode 6: "Hanging by a Silken Thread"

Rino visits a certain cave to collect some thread for her textile work. But along the way, Yuuki gets caught by a spider monster. By collapsing the roof of the cave with her arrows, Rino manages to save Yuuki and retrieve the spider thread.

Episode 7: "Time Flies Like an Arrow Rain"

After working hard through the night, Rino falls asleep outside on a bench and awakens to find her head resting on Yuuki's lap. Though surprised and embarrassed, she happily recalls how he used to comfort her in the same way in their younger days.

Episode 8: "Lucky for Some"

Yuuki dreams of another world. In the dream, Rino is studying to get into the same high school as him. Rino asks him for a kiss for good luck, but he refuses, so she asks for one as a reward when she passes the exam instead.