"Nyatt's fur is so soft! I love being with him... And the same goes for you."


"A super-powered girl who works best from the rearguard in anti-physical parties. Her skills ensnare entire parties of physical attackers, allowing everyone to punish them to maximum effect."

Story Summaries

Episode 1: "A Fragile Encounter"

Shiori, a member of Caon, is sent to the guild Elizabeth Park to recuperate. Physically fragile, she collapses on the streets of Landosol but is found and cared for by Yuuki.

Episode 2: "Windswept Girl"

Yuuki accompanies Shiori shopping. The wind nearly causes her to topple over, but she nevertheless asks to carry her own packages. Touched by Yuuki's kindness, she begins to open up to him slowly.

Episode 3: "So Much to Say"

In a restaurant one evening, Shiori treats Yuuki to dinner as a thank-you for helping with her shopping. She tells him she enjoyed today's shopping more than usual, and that she usually eats alone.

Episode 4: "Beloved Sister"

Shiori tells Yuuki she has an elven sister whom she loves deeply, even though they're of different races. In Ameth's "dream" world, a hospitalized Shiori also looks forward to a visit from her sister.

Episode 5: "Drawn to Kindness"

Yuuki's part-time job brings him to Elizabeth Park. Although she is there to recuperate, Shiori helps out with security whenever she feels healthy. Today, however, she is focused on reading rather than guarding.

Episode 6: "Jealous Nyatt"

Yuuki visits Elizabeth Park only to be attacked by the young monster Nyatt, who happens to be Shiori's pet. She is doing her best to train him like a hound or a sheep dog so that he is not slain by humans.

Episode 7: "Always a First Time"

Yuuki visits Elizabeth Park only to catch a cold and collapse. Shiori, who is used to being the sick one that needs nursing, decides to nurse him to show her gratitude.

Episode 8: "Hand in Hand"

Shiori visits town with Yuuki, feeling healthy and ready to attend her favorite author's book signing. In the dream world, Shiori has been discharged and awaits her first date with Yuuki.