"I feel all warm and fuzzy... Maybe it's just because of you?"


"A former holy knight that protects allies from the midguard using barriers and healing. Has skills that recover the HP and TP of wounded teammates. allowing pinpoint coverage of areas hit hard in combat."

Story Summaries

Episode 1: "Swindled No More"

Yuuki is informed by an elven woman after a purchase that he's been ripped off. She puts the crooked shopkeeper in his place with a prompt recital of public and commercial law, then introduces herself as Yukari.

Episode 2: "A Pickup Letdown"

Yukari is out drinking it up when Yuuki happens by. She passes out after filling his ears with the woes of being single. He helps her home, and Yukari agonizes over her first time being "taken home" by a guy.

Episode 3: "Finding My Prince"

After catching a thief at an armor shop, Yuuki receives an item of his choice from the owner as a reward. He then picks a bracelet that Yukari wanted and makes a gift of it to her.

Episode 4: "A Smoochy Situation"

Having been propositioned by a young man in a "dream," a troubled Yukari asks Yuuki to pretend to be her boyfriend. To drive the guy off, she drunkenly throws herself all over Yuuki to prove that she's taken.

Episode 5: "Hushed Havoc!"

Yukari and Yuuki are attacked by monsters while picking wild berries. Intoxicating fruit puts her to sleep, forcing him to fight alone. Things look grim until Yukari saves the day with magic cast in her sleep.

Episode 6: "Praise the Feast!"

Yukari sets her mind on making a feast by hand, but the dismal results send her into a tailspin. She soon recovers. though, when her womanly ways are praised, making the rest of the night a fun-filled affair.

Episode 7: "A Heart-Racing Combo"

Upset about being single after reading an article, Yukari asks Yuuki to act out the magazine's tips. The series of hair stroking and hugs breaks her cool facade, leaving her a flustered mess.

Episode 8: "The Next Step"

A blinding light envelopes Yukari and Yuuki, showing them another "dream" where she gets some on-the-job encouragement from him. Yukari hints at her fondness for him afterwards before falling into a swift slumber.