Hatsune's Perfect Present

February 17, 2021 - March 6, 2021


"Hatsune wants to prepare a surprise for Shiori, who's been working so hard at the farm. Can you help her find the perfect present?!" - Event Description

Story Summaries

Prologue: "Operation: Hatsune's Perfect Present!"

Having come to Landosol to deliver goods to the Menagerie, Hatsune learns about Shiori's hard work as of late. She decides to prepare a surprise for Shiori, and thus begins Operation: Hatsune's Perfect Present.

Episode 1: "A Walk Down Memory Lane"

Hatsune requests Yuuki's help in finding a present for Shiori, only to run into her while searching. They agree to escort her back home, and Shiori uses this time to talk a bit about her and Hatsune's past.

Episode 2: "A Curious Find"

Still having trouble deciding on a present, Hatsune visits a store with Shiori and Yuuki. There they come across a picture book imbued with magic, which Shiori takes great interest in. Seeing this, Hatsune buys it up on the spot and offers it to her.

Episode 3: "My Dear Sister"

Shiori writes a letter to Hatsune to thank her for the present, the contents of which cause Hatsune to break down in tears. A few days later, Shiori is about to put the picture book away for the day when, suddenly, a monster springs forth from inside it.

Episode 4: "Evil Unsealed"

Hatsune and Yuuki arrive to find Shiori engaged in battle with monsters that seems impervious to damage. Opting to decipher the picture book they originally spawned from, the trio learn that the bookmark is the key to sealing the monsters away once again.

Episode 5: "Resonating Hearts"

The trio arrive at a nearby village, only to be split up by a surprise attack from one of the monsters. Shiori winds up in peril, but a clutch plan from Hatsune results in them successfully sealing it away. They find themselves with little time to celebrate, however, as the Ziz itself appears before them.

Episode 6: "The Power of Three"

Unable to fend the Ziz off, the trio are driven towards a nearby mountain. Yuuki uses his ability to power up both Hatsune and Shiori, who combine their strengths to unleash a mighty attack, striking the fierce beast down through the power of sisterly bonds.

Ending: "Hatsune's Perfect Present"

The trio make their way to a restaurant to reward themselves for their efforts in sealing the monsters back into the picture book. Shiori takes this opportunity to surprise Hatsune with a present of her own: a nice, fluffy pillow. Hatsune, overwhelmed, swears to treasure it forever.