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Princess Connect! Re:Dive, like many other mobile gacha games, offers a number of "in-app purchases" (referred to on this site as microtransaction) that players can purchase using real world currency for particular benefits and perks. There are three particular microtransactions that Priconne offers: Premium Jewels, the Daily Jewel Pack, and the Grotto Attempts +3. This page covers these three offerings, their advertised benefit, and some basic thoughts on the perceived value.


The Premium Gacha is a lottery that primarily uses Jewels (Free and Premium/Paid) to participate in recruiting new characters into the player's roster. It is the primary way for players to get new characters to use in Priconne. The Premium Gacha is permanently available and is casually known as the "Permanent Banner."  There is also a Normal Gacha that provides players with Equipment Pieces and Character Memory Shards that can be pulled twice per day.


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Mana is a primary resource in Priconne that is used for buying items from the Normal and Bonus Shops, Refining Equipment, Leveling Skills and Union Bursts, and Ascending Characters. Mana is mostly gained through completing the Grotto's Mana QuestsDungeon attempts, the Guildhouse,  completing Daily Missions, and through the Mana Exchange. Mana is essential to progression and knowing how to effectively spend it will be important to success!


Stamina is a primary resource in Priconne that is used for attempting a Main Story Quest.  As players advance in the campaign, the Stamina cost per stage will scale, starting at 8 Stamina on the first map. Stamina regenerates at a rate of 1 Stamina per 5 minutes. Stamina can be gained through passive regeneration, Guildhouse furniture, player leveling up, and Stamina Recharge microtransactions.

Player Level and Progression

Player level represents, well, the player's overall progress through Princess Connect. Increasing player level will also increase the maximum level for characters, character skills, maximum Stamina, and Guildhouse furniture. Player level is increased through accumulating Player EXP, which is gained from Main Story Quests and Daily Missions.

Character Power

Individual character Power is dictated by the following: equipment, level, skill levels, and ascension level. These can all be increased through progressing through the game and farming Story Mode Quests, using the Grotto and Dungeons to obtain EXP Potions and Mana, and obtaining Character Memory Shards. Proper leveling and maintaining of your characters are critical as players advanced into more challenging content and PvP game modes.


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Daily Missions

Priconne has a set of daily missions similar to other mobile and MMO games. These missions require a relatively low time commitment and focus and can be completed within 10 to 30 minutes over the course of a day. Note that unlike many other mobile games, Priconne does not require players to complete all daily missions. This allows players to determine which missions are worth completing for them In particular, the "Purchase Daily Mana Once" quest, requires spending 10 Free Jewels per day to complete and may not be worth it for some players to complete.