The PGI Tier List

Latest Updates:

  • 04/11/2021 Version 1.10 - Misato added!

  • 04/06/2021 Version 1.00 - Initial Rankings Released.

List Creation Details:

  • Rankings are based on the independent usability of a given character. You can think of this as "If [Character] was the only party member in a given context (PVE, PVP, or CB), this is how they would perform compared to any other random character."

  • Detailed evaluations of a character's strengths, weaknesses, and matchups/party ideas are on each character's page for further information.

  • Evaluations are based on the JP Wikis (AppMedia, GameWith) and the CN Tier Lists. Final rankings are based on my own thoughts and accounted for the character assumptions listed below which are different from JP (compares at current max caps) and CN (optimizes for equipment).

Assumptions / Notes:

  • Each character is assumed to be at 3* Ascension Level at the current level cap with all available equipment.

  • Each character is at max UB/S1/S2/EX Levels and max Bond Level Bonuses.

  • If a character is an initial 1/2* Rarity, the effort to ascend the character is not factored into the ranking, but the effort is listed as a strength/weakness based on the recruitment method.

Ranking Explanations:

  • If a party is built around a character, you can increase that character's rank by 1-2 tiers.

  • S - Characters that can function completely independently and perform very well in the given context, regardless of party. These characters typically have significant self-synergy with their kit and role or offer universally good utility to the party.

  • A - Characters that perform well in the given context but require at least one other character to excel (e.g. a Ninon/Saren or a Rino/Yuki/Yukari. These characters are still better than most for the given content but need those party members to enable their full potential. 

  • B - Characters that can perform well in the given context as long as the party is built around their skillset. These characters are typically part of specific party compositions, such as Mage Melt, Rino Cannon, or Ninon Spam.

  • C - Characters that perform worse compared to other characters competing for the same role in a party. They may offer a skill set that does not work in a given context or is outperformed by similar characters. While these characters can be used, it's important to know their drawbacks and accommodate them accordingly. 

  • D - Characters that actively perform worse than most compared to a randomly chosen character. These characters may have kits that simply do not work for a given context or can actually be problematic to use in a given context.

But when should I use Equipment, Refinement, and do Ascensions?

  • These rankings do not account for optimizations of equipment (see above). However, the following guidelines can help when determining whether to equip certain equipment pieces or refine them.

  • If a character's Union Burst's is critical to their utility and their kit is not damage-oriented, a player wants to limit the character's defensive and HP stats as much as possible (e.g. just enough to survive in Clan Battle) to enable them to use their UB's more often.

  • If a character is damage-oriented and not reliant on their Union Burst, players want to equip all equipment and refine them to maximize their damage output. 

  • Remember that Tamaki will target the character with the most Magic Attack and Hatsune will target the character with the most Physical Attack. Certain random pieces of equipment increase these stats.

The PGI Tier List