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Princess Connect! Re:Dive, often shortened to Priconne, is a mobile-based character collecting gacha game with a focus on great storytelling and gameplay based on character party creation and character progression. Players will level, explore, and get to know these characters on their grand adventure through the land of Astraea. All the while, players will learn of an overarching story involving the main character's past which is not so much unknown, but rather has seemingly been locked away.

Story gameplay is overall mostly hands-off with characters typically handling combat on their own. As players advance through the main campaign, they will unlock more narrative content that is fully voiced and presented in a visual novel style. On the competitive side, players will have to learn their character's strengths and weaknesses in order to excel in certain game modes such as the Battle Arena (5v5 PvP) and Princess Arena (15v15 PvP). 

The original release of Priconne is known for being very "Free-to-Play friendly," when compared to other gacha games, as characters are relatively straightforward to obtain for free and the game provides enough resources to not "require" spending. While it's still too early to say for certain, we will all be watching to see if Crunchyroll will take the same positive direction with the global release.


Priconne has fully-voiced story content for each of its characters and their daily adventures.


A player's team of 5 characters fights against another's player team in the PvP Battle Arena.