Tools and Resources



PriCalc is a Priconne Global focused tool that allows players to compare character's rank, stats, and skills. It can be used to quickly compare characters from a numbers standpoint and help make a decision on when is the best time to increase a character's Rank.

Priconne Connect Re:Dive Fan Club Arena Tool

Arena PvP Party Drafter

The PCRDFans Arena tool is a great site for those (like me) who need a lot of help with drafting PvP compositions. By entering in the Defense Team that a player is facing, they can pull up Offense Teams that have had success with taking down that particular team. Players do not have to put in an entire Defense Team, only certain characters can suffice (looking at you, Maho/Nozomi/Miyako parties). This tool is community-led, meaning that users are expected to add their own results and upvote/downvote listed parties based on their own experiences. Be sure to select the "Global" option to only see characters and parties available in Global.

Priconne Quest Helper


Priconne Quest Helper is a web-based tool that helps players efficiently farm for Equipment Pieces. After either manually entering which pieces are needed or mass-adding entire character's Rank equipment, the tool will automatically identify which stages are the best targets for farming. Due to differences between the Global and JP versions, you will need to select "Legacy Items" in the Quest Helper's Settings.

Shiori's Library

Datamined Information

Shiori's Library is a web-based dynamic site that presents datamined information in an easy-to-digest card format. The site is presented in English, but does show information from the original version of the game, so spoiler warning. The site offers a Farming Optimizer, allowing users to identify which quests to target for specific pieces of equipment, similar to the Princonne Quest Helper tool.


Mobile App

ShizuruNotes is an unofficial Android companion app for PriconneJP (with very bare-bones English translations). The app allows easey lookup of Character information and descriptions. This app is fairly commonly referenced on community hubs such as the Priconne subreddit. Install at your own risk, while a source code is available, I cannot vouch for the total trustworthiness of the file in the future.