TP Generation and Usage

"TP increases when a character attacks. takes damage from attacks. and uses skills."


TP increases when a character attacks, takes damage, and uses their Skills. When a character's TP is maxed, an "OK" indicator will be displayed on their character icon. Tap the character's icon when this happens to activate their Union Burst. When the Auto setting is active, each character will use their Union Burst automatically as soon as their TP is maxed and they are not performing another action. Only one character can activate their Union Burst at a time. If two characters' Union Bursts are available, they will activate one after the other.


Pecorine's Union Burst (UB) is ready. Players can see her TP Bar (blue) is filled and the "OK!" icon.

TP Generation

The maximum amount of TP that a character can require to use their Union Burst is 1,000 TP; but due to the base value of performing an action, every character can use their UB after 12 "actions" regardless of any other stats.​​​

Doing an Action:   

Defeating an Enemy:    

Taking Damage:   

TP Recovery Skills:   

TP Gained = 90 * ( 1 + TP Boost Stat / 100 )


TP Gained = 200 * (1 + TP Boost Stat / 100)

TP Gained = ( Damage Taken / Maximum HP ) * 0.5 * ( 1 + TP Boost Stat / 100) * 1000

TP Gained = "Number is shown in Skill value" x ( TP Boost Stat x 0.01 + 1)